Davenport 2015

This year’s Davenport Derby was full of excitement and creative themes. This year included runaway Octogenarians, superheroes, candy bars, a historic ocean liner, golf carts, plenty of dirt, the crossing of Moses, babies, and who can forget the invention of fire. Check out this year’s teams!

Congratulations to this year’s Champians!

Men’s Champion- Devol: Man Candy

Women’s Champion- Blossom: Ridin’ Dirty

Haviland Hall: Titanic

Lower Penn/Upper Gurney

Devol Hall: Man Candy

Theology: Cannaa or Bust

MU Football: Club Car

Heritage Hall: Nursing Home Runaways


WWF: Diapers to Diapers

Blossom Hall: Ridin’ Dirty


Charley Garwood is the Media Editer for The Aviso

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Lawrence Hines is a contributing video producer for The Aviso

Rebecca Yourko is a contributing video producer for The Aviso

Justin Kish contributing Music producer for The Aviso

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