Pioneer Foucs: Kari Hall Senior Softball Pitcher

Kari Hall, senior pitcher, is leading the softball team in a comeback season. Hall describes herself as goofy in life, but when the mentally and physically toughness of the team comes out, things change. Under the direction of a new coach, Hall said the team is ready to make a statement. Get to know her and go watch her and the team.
Kari Hall, a senior psychology major, throwing a pitch (Photo courtesy of Malone Athletics)

Kari Hall, a senior psychology major, throwing a pitch (Photo courtesy of Malone Athletics)

Aviso: What do you like best about softball? Hall: I Love the relationships you build with teammates, and those relationships  last a long time. Aviso: To whom do you attribute your success in softball? Hall: My Nana and Dad because they the ones that got me started in softball and forced me to keep going.   Aviso: What do you like best about Malone? Hall: I like the tight-knit family sense you get instead of going to a big school where you’re a nobody. It also makes it a lot easier to get to know people. Aviso: What is the song that best describes your life? Hall: “Sunshine Girl” by Jay Boog. It’s my theme song. Aviso: Who is your favorite music artist? Hall: Jack Johnson Aviso: What’s been the difference between the last couple of years and this year for softball? Hall: The difference is in coaches. That plays a huge role. Last year’s coach did not believe in us. This year’s coach puts her all in everything she does for us. She believes in us more than we believe in ourselves. She provides that extra confidence heading into games. Aviso: What is your favorite Pitch to throw? Hall: Riseball inside. It makes people look silly Aviso: What is your favorite memory on the softball diamond? Hall: In high school I broke the record for career strikeouts on the last batter of the game and my teammates, family friends ran on the field. I got the game ball. It was great. Aviso: What do you like best about your Malone softball experience? Hall: I like the ability to see both sides of the success spectrum. I know what it is like to struggle together and have success together. Aviso: Do you have any special routine before games? Hall: I have to make sure my shoes are tied at the right tightness, and they have to be double knotted.   Seth Byrd is the Sports Editor for The Aviso Print This Article Print This Article


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