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Club Feature: Sports Marketing Association

The Sports Marketing Association (SMA) is an auxiliary group that supports the sport management undergraduate degree. While it is about sports management, the association is open to any major. Members learn to market themselves and network in the sport management field locally and nationally. The student leaders of the association include Charles Dickens, Phil Fisher […]

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Opinion: Malone Voices Matter: Part 2 Examining a candidate

  Continued from April 11’s part one Last week I wrote about the presidential election. This week it is all about one candidate and the multitude of problems that come with the topic: Donald Trump. Donald Trump has little knowledge about and experience in government and political policies. During a recent CNN town hall interview […]

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Opinion: Malone Voices Matter: Part 1 The current state of the Presidential election

  In a recently published Aviso article, which explored the political preferences of Malone student’s in relation to which presidential candidate they currently supported or would consider voting for in the November election, it was found that 55% of the 40 students polled were still undecided. Since then, the pool of candidates to choose from […]

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Art program sees new design: Program and staff changes create new opportunities

  The art program is building a new, specialized program that lead to major changes and potential staffing changes. Rather than a general art degree with a specific emphasis, the program now features three individualized majors. Graphic arts and digital design, fine arts and crafts and art history are now offered to students. Michael Benson, […]

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Humes Slider

Student Spotlight: Andrea Humes

Andrea Humes, junior business administration major, is the newly-elected student body president for the 2016-2017 academic year. After serving as a senator and co-director of SAC, Humes brings experience and fresh ideas to the table. Get to know more about her vision for next year and her life right now. Aviso: What has been your […]

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Club feature: Eta Sigma Gamma

  Eta Sigma Gamma is the national professional honorary in the health sciences, and Malone hosts the Delta Lambda chapter. To be inducted a student must be studying a community and health related major. The student also must maintain a 2.8 GPA for induction and membership. Along with the community and public health major, the […]

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Student and teacher: Student teaching requires balance and flexibility

  Student teaching is a full-time job for education majors, and balancing the commitments of a student teacher as well as still being a student can be difficult. These final-semester education majors take on all different responsibilities with their student teaching, including coaching seventh grade basketball in the case of Joseph Siciliano, senior middle education […]

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Jenny Bushnell and Jocelynn Lenhoff in a Blossom dorm room (Photo by Kelsey Garrett)

Opinion: Shared spaces and difficult decisions: Take ownership and strive to thrive in housing

  Choosing where to live in college can be difficult. You make a decision in April, or perhaps even sooner, that will directly impact your life for nine months. The choice made one evening determines the people you will see each day. In the case of PGB and WWF, it determines who you will share […]

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Woolman and Fox 2 flag football intramural team (Photo courtesy of Alicia Meyer)

Club feature: Intramurals

Intramurals are open to all Malone students and is a branch of Student Senate. Intramural sports include flag football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, bubble soccer and more. Changes are made to available sports each year based on student interest. Kayla Stewart, senior exercise science major, and Shane Hippli, senior business administration major, are co-directors. Intramurals […]

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Brandon Bapst

Student Spotlight: Brandon Bapst

Brandon Bapst, junior computer science and business major, is hosting Nike Airband this year along with senior exercise science major Brian Stone. Bapst is also a member of the reigning Nike Airband champion act after “High School Musical” walked away with the Golden Sneakers in 2015. He also thinks this year’s acts may be even […]

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