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The couch was set ablaze during a Davenport Derby race (Photo by Charley Garwood).

Consequences of a Couch Fire

Malone University and select resident students from Penn and Gurney Halls were threatened with possible criminal charges from the Canton fire department after a fire was set to a couch at the Davenport Derby last Thursday. The charges are in response to fire codes, related to outdoor burning, being disregarded during a performance the students put on during […]

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Johnathon Davis Slider

Student Spotlight: Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis, senior early childhood education and intervention specialist major, can be seen leading Student Senate as the Student Body Vice-President. Davis is also known for his exuberance in supporting the Cleveland Cavaliers and Ohio State Buckeyes. Get to know Davis here before basketball season begins! Aviso: What gets you excited about Malone? Davis: Lots of things, […]

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$320,000 has been awarded for research and improvements  Photo by Kelsey Garrett)

$320,000 Awarded for Research

The National Science Foundation recently awarded Malone $320,000 for research and improvements by multiple departments. Dr. Jason Courter, assistant professor of biology and one author of the grant, said, “This will develop strategic partnerships between IT personnel and academic researchers to allow technology to be used efficiently.” The grant will be used to establish a network called […]

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CA's (Photo by Marcia Everett)

The College Experience not just for Freshmen

Relationships are at the core of the college experience course. There is the relationship between students and the professor, the students and the course assistant (CA) and the professor and the CA. Each relationship impacts the environment of the class and the experience of students. Ann Lawson, instructor of communication arts, considers working with her CA team […]

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Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.12.48 AM

Davenport 2015

This year’s Davenport Derby was full of excitement and creative themes. This year included runaway Octogenarians, superheroes, candy bars, a historic ocean liner, golf carts, plenty of dirt, the crossing of Moses, babies, and who can forget the invention of fire. Check out this year’s teams! Congratulations to this year’s Champians! Men’s Champion- Devol: Man […]

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Students are immersed in a new culture and learn through service opportunities each spring break and summer (Photo by Kelsey Garrett)

Dreaming of far-off places

Service learning trips are a way for students to give back and learn about a new culture. Faculty and staff help lead  groups of students on a trip to be immersed in a new culture and learn through service opportunities each spring break and summer. Spring break trips this year include Guatemala, Brazil, Ecuador and […]

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Money Pic

Interest Rates not Rising

The Federal Reserve made the Sept. 17 decision not to raise interest rates in the United States despite the tumultuous economic pressure from China. An increase in the interest rate would affect student loans. Loans retain current rates for the time being, but many Fed businessmen believe that the interest rates will be raised before year’s end. […]

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Pioneer Pride is an Organization which focuses on (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Pioneer Pride Connects Students and Sports

Pioneer Pride is a student led organization at Malone University that supports all 18 sports programs. The organization itself was founded just a few years ago by Mike Terry, who also served as the Student Body President. Pioneer Pride’s mission is to get students involved with sports on campus as well as making them aware of […]

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RA Gender War

Find out the major differences between Male and Female RA’s through a student survey   Charley Garwood is the Media Editor for The Aviso

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Soccer Team 2015

Malone Soccer Feature

Both Pioneer soccer teams have pushed through discouraging game results in an effort to reach long-term goals. Their efforts go far beyond the score at the conclusion of a game. Players are awaiting the fruits of their labors as the season progresses.   “I’m  very encouraged by the effort, chemistry and pieces we are seeing on […]

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