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Johnathon Davis Slider

Student Spotlight: Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis, senior early childhood education and intervention specialist major, can be seen leading Student Senate as the Student Body Vice-President. Davis is also known for his exuberance in supporting the Cleveland Cavaliers and Ohio State Buckeyes. Get to know Davis here before basketball season begins! Aviso: What gets you excited about Malone? Davis: Lots of things, […]

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CA's (Photo by Marcia Everett)

The College Experience not just for Freshmen

Relationships are at the core of the college experience course. There is the relationship between students and the professor, the students and the course assistant (CA) and the professor and the CA. Each relationship impacts the environment of the class and the experience of students. Ann Lawson, instructor of communication arts, considers working with her CA team […]

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Davenport 2015

This year’s Davenport Derby was full of excitement and creative themes. This year included runaway Octogenarians, superheroes, candy bars, a historic ocean liner, golf carts, plenty of dirt, the crossing of Moses, babies, and who can forget the invention of fire. Check out this year’s teams! Congratulations to this year’s Champians! Men’s Champion- Devol: Man […]

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Students are immersed in a new culture and learn through service opportunities each spring break and summer (Photo by Kelsey Garrett)

Dreaming of far-off places

Service learning trips are a way for students to give back and learn about a new culture. Faculty and staff help lead  groups of students on a trip to be immersed in a new culture and learn through service opportunities each spring break and summer. Spring break trips this year include Guatemala, Brazil, Ecuador and […]

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Wesley Jenkins Slider

New pastors ready to serve students

Two life group leaders, one a retired pastor and the other a current local pastor, volunteered to be available to students following Pastor Randy Heckert’s retirement. Their role is not to simply replace Heckert but to provide support for students. Edy Herrera and Wesley Jenkins are new resources willing to walk alongside students in their […]

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The student activities council works to make Malone a community and to give students fun things to do after a hard day of classes and studying.

SAC finds new direction

Beginning fall 2015, the Student Development Office and Residence Life Office are cooperating with the Student Activities Council (SAC) to host events in a new way. SAC has previously been its own office, but this year SAC and Residence Life will be working together to bring new and exciting activities for all students to enjoy. […]

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Criminology and restorative justice major new to Malone

A new criminology and restorative justice major will be available for students starting next fall. The program implementation task force in coordination with the department of history, philosophy, and social sciences is developing the program. “It is part of our growth strategy,” said Tim Bryan, chief of staff to the office of the president and […]

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Feeling overwhelmed is a common theme among students and professors, especially during the first several weeks of classes. (Photo by Kelsey Garrett)

Students surviving stress

Stress. For many students, it is simply one more thing to bring to the start of a new semester. Much like a computer, stress becomes a constant companion in daily life. For some, the stress of returning to college becomes more than they can bear. “It is all the homework and all the expectations dumped […]

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Social Norms

Breaking Social Norms Destroys Normality

  Society has millions of informally established rules that are simply learned from interacting in a particular social context. Social norms represent the glue that holds together the normality of our day to day lives. Since social norms are usually expected and followed, it was very difficult to find anyone to participate in the making […]

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Caf Survey 6

Students Reveal a Little Too Much…Butt Really

This is a continuation of an Aviso AVW video feature: the cafeteria survey! From time to time we will be posted outside the cafeteria with a question for students, always with the aim of better understanding the Malone community as a whole. This month’s question is: How do you feel about girls wearing leggings as […]

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