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Trick-or-treat: a taste of Halloween

  Eating candy, dressing up in costumes, and pranking neighbors may already be on the daily agendas of some students, but Halloween is a special time for creativity and mischief. Some students still dress up for trick-or-treat, while others join younger siblings and cousins, but refrain from dressing up for the occasion. Freshman social work [...]

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WWF shares door to door wisdom

Door to Door is a new video segment in which a different dorm will be featured each month. The Resident Director of the building picks a question which the dorm’s loyal inhabitants must answer. October’s featured dorm is WWF! Watch below to see priceless reactions from the girls who had to answer a unique question [...]

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Worth the effort: Seniors undertake honors thesis projects

  Senior year can be exciting and stressful for students, and seniors in the honors program are processing these emotions as well as working on their honors theses. “The thesis project is a culmination of the honors program curriculum,” said Diane Chambers, honors program director. “It’s for students to be able to put together everything [...]

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WATCH: Multicultural Services celebrates diversity

  Through recent on-campus gatherings and events, Multicultural Services is providing opportunities to deepen awareness of cultural diversity. Sterling Haynes is a video producer for The Aviso AVW.  

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Gender studies minor complements any major

  Need some extra credits to graduate, but don’t want to resort to archery class? Or do you just want to add a little variety to your education? A wide and varied selection of minors are available to supplement any major. One lesser-known program, the gender studies minor, can complement virtually any field of study. [...]

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BLOG: History students get settled in D.C.

  We’re adding a special feature this semester! For the first time, three of our students are studying in Washington, D.C. at the same time through the American Studies Program. Throughout the semester, Suzanna Bregar, senior history major; Madi Carper, junior history major; and Kaitlyn Stump, senior history major will be taking turns blogging about their [...]

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New life groups offer fresh opportunity

  An abundance of new spiritual formation opportunities are available this semester, including many engaging life groups. In particular, life groups will give students an opportunity to get involved on a more personal level. They will offer the opportunity to ask questions in a smaller setting and get to know fellow students better. Later this [...]

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Hands-on job experience gained through summer internships

  Summer may be a time of relaxation, but not for everyone. Some students worked all summer at internships ranging from wildlife rehabilitation to radio station work. Internships are not only good for credits; they also help students gain experience to help them qualify for  jobs after graduation. According to Susie Thomas, director of university [...]

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Summer jobs provide important career experience

  Many people think that getting a summer job is fast and easy, but the reality is, it can be a long and meticulous process. Patty Little, director of the Center for Student Success, highly recommends going to the Malone website and finding the link to College Central Network under the Career Development Services. This [...]

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Civic engagement floors intend to pursue community involvement

  Do you remember your recent trip to Muggswigz for coffee? Or that time you picked up a piece of paper lying on the ground? Those were both instances when you participated in “civic engagement.” “Civic engagement is anything that serves the greater good of the community,” said Ryan Palmer, resident director of Haviland Hall. [...]

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