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Pacifism challenges personal beliefs

The last three years at Malone I have been encouraged to think, question and learn. Many new ideas have been presented to me. One of these new ideas was pacifism. For a while I thought I could be a pacifist. I do not want to solve our problems using violence. But realistically, I do not […]

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Lower Penn says goodbye to the Cage

Think of your favorite floor activity. Now imagine that the location where that activity has always taken place has been destroyed. You are determined to carry on this beloved tradition, but there are no readily available options for a new home. Sloth—a game for men. More importantly, it’s a game for Lower Penn men. This […]

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Koran Burning Day asks, “What would Jesus do?”

A friend recently told me that some comments concerning Islam, 9/11 and a Koran burning day on a Facebook status really troubled her. Rather than proceed with misinformation, she decided to read the Koran. “Wow, I haven’t even read an article about the recent controversy,” I said. I’ve since read a few articles and discovered […]

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Editors encourage students to go online

Students and faculty may have noticed empty newsstands on campus replaced with red balloons and fliers about a website called When some of you saw this you were probably disappointed to witness the absence of a printed newspaper or completely unfazed (what’s The Aviso anyway?) or you were curious enough to see what the […]

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Revolutionary Love

I have to wonder, what makes something “revolutionary”? Great movements for civil rights, wars fought for freedom, and perfected ideas throughout history have been described in such a way. Webster describes revolutionary as “a marked change,” a moment in time when things are altered, or when a path or a story takes a new turn. […]

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What the Equality Ride brought to Malone

Equality Ride came to Malone in hopes that they could share their stories—an opportunity for Malone students to hear the struggles of an LGBT person rather than just reading about them.

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Complexity and context

The complexity of this topic does not lend itself well to a brief newspaper-style article. The constraints of this format may have been one of the factors that led to some of our comments being taken out of context.

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Championship equity?

Putting the article on the back page communicates to our cheerleaders that all of their hard work, dedication, and achievements were barely newsworthy.

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I never saved anyone

Sometimes when we talk about our faith and about the way we are trying to reach people who aren’t Christians, we aren’t talking about things in a very adequate way.

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The Christian: Broken or Merely Under Construction?

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time feeling like something was wrong with me—fundamentally wrong. I felt like I was broken, or like I was a square peg in a world of round holes. Or perhaps I felt like I was never going to get it, or that I was missing something that everyone else […]

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