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OPINION: Tennis cut devastates players

  Grief is the first word that comes to my mind when reflecting on the terrible news that my teammates and I received just a week ago.  When I nonchalantly walked into the “team meeting” fifteen minutes late, I thought my teammates were joking when they all looked at me and whispered “there’s no more [...]

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OPINION: Vulnerability required in missions work

  Over spring break, I had one of the most amazing experiences I could have imagined. I got to travel to an orphanage in Despinos, Haiti, for nine days with my five best friends and six new friends. Eleven of us are students at Malone. The Malone students that went included Amber Neading, Amanda Brothers, [...]

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OPINION: Calling all Malone maniacs

When I arrived in the Walsh gym earlier this month, the women were already in the second half and I was proud to see our team climb back from a huge deficit (just ran out of time).  I was also proud to see our men’s team give 100% from start to finish in a great [...]

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OPINION: SFO requirements cumbersome for nontraditional students

  Choosing the right college is arguably one of the most difficult decisions that the mainstream high school student will have to make. Some teenagers dream of attending a university halfway across the world, while others always dreamed of attending the school down the road. Traditional and nontraditional students alike choose schools based on finances, [...]

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Opinion: New housing policy

  There has been much controversy on campus due to the new administration decision concerning housing for student athletes.  The revised housing policy states that “any scholarship athletes regardless of age and credit hours are required to live in University housing. Additionally, any traditional student whose cumulative GPA is below 2.5 or has a disciplinary sanction will [...]

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OPINION: Dress classy, not trashy

  I’m a people watcher. When I am people watching, I try to notice the little things about them—how they move, how they interact with other people—but the easiest thing of all to notice is how they dress. What a person wears is more visible than anything else about them. I can’t visibly see a [...]

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OPINION: Dig deeper into your classes

  Picture this: you’re sitting in philosophy. The professor’s talking about Plato, going on and on about sophists and dialectic, and you’re wondering how any of this is going to help you tomorrow. Ten minutes of the lecture pass and you realize you spent more time thinking about the next episode of The Walking Dead [...]

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OPINION: Budget cuts in athletics risk long-term losses

   I consider Malone a school that stands out from the rest when it comes to acting in a Christian way, whether it is in the classroom or on the playing field. This was an important factor in my decision to attend Malone. These Christian core values became apparent to me when I met the [...]

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OPINION: Don’t take AVI for granted

As a freshman arriving on campus for the first time, campus life was a whirl of excitement, mystery, tradition, and freedom. It was a culture we were all thrust into: some crying and clinging to their bags, drawing in the fading scent of home as they watch their childhood minivan disappear over the Johnson Center [...]

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OPINION: Mission trips allow God to change your heart

  Mission trips are so much more than just a trip. They are an open invitation for God to mold and shape your heart, to create the ongoing masterpiece of you. My youth leader always told my group that we needed to break out of our comfort zone and just go for it. Okay, like [...]

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