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OPINION: Don’t take AVI for granted

As a freshman arriving on campus for the first time, campus life was a whirl of excitement, mystery, tradition, and freedom. It was a culture we were all thrust into: some crying and clinging to their bags, drawing in the fading scent of home as they watch their childhood minivan disappear over the Johnson Center [...]

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OPINION: Mission trips allow God to change your heart

  Mission trips are so much more than just a trip. They are an open invitation for God to mold and shape your heart, to create the ongoing masterpiece of you. My youth leader always told my group that we needed to break out of our comfort zone and just go for it. Okay, like [...]

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OPINION: Healthy dining options are limited

Over the last few years, many improvements have been made in respect to AVI service, as well as the cafeteria and the cafes here on campus. These improvements come in the form of physical changes like new paint, tables and chairs, and most notably the revamped setup and layout of the cafeteria four years ago. [...]

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Opinion: We are called to tell the world

  Last Thursday evening I decided to take a stroll around campus. As I followed the sidewalk along the back of Blossom Hall, I passed a steady line of empty parked cars. Then I came to a car that was very much occupied. Its driver was waiting patiently, windows down. We made eye contact; after [...]

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Opinion: Second-time Open Frame director shares experience

  I have the inexplicable issue of having a multitude of stories, ideas and pictures in my head that are all competing to move to the front of my thoughts. Most people would appreciate these creative notions, but where can one release them? I have tried drawing and painting but that didn’t work out. I am a wannabe [...]

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Opinion: First-time Open Frame director shares insight

  I always thought creativity was a bit self-indulgent. Unless, of course, you were an artist, musician, or someone who had otherwise devoted his or her life to producing beautiful, complex things out of simple elements. To these people is delegated the right to create, and they pay for it in carving out meager subsistences, [...]

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OPINION: It’s a matter of perspective

  It is a seemingly inevitable part of human nature to neglect the positive things we are surrounded with and to dwell on apparent obstacles to our own happiness. We college students aren’t immune to this sort of pessimistic outlook on life. I consistently find myself wondering, “What if things were different?” or “If only that were improved.” [...]

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OPINION: How Forensics changed my life

  I think that it would be safe to assume that most people who have gotten to know me in the last four years would likely view me as a confident, successful, and secure young woman. I think it is even safer to say that I would agree with them. However, if someone had come up [...]

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OPINION: Appreciating AVI

  As a high school student looking at universities, I remember visiting a few different colleges. There were always the main questions I would ask, about class sizes, professors, things to do on and off campus, etc. However, one of the most vital questions I would ask was this: “So, how is the food?” This [...]

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OPINION: There is life outside the bubble

  Graduation is a day that seems so far away, but it comes sooner than you think. I know you probably do not believe me. You’re knee deep in papers, you have 5 exams to study for, you have had about 10 hours of sleep all week, and you are already behind on chapel credit. [...]

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