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BLOG: Returning editor looks forward to growth and change

  It is almost unbelievable that this time last year, I was just learning the responsibilities of working as editor-in-chief for The Aviso. The last editor, Sam Shaffer, had just handed down the reins. And now it has been a full year, my second year on staff, and I have another year as editor-in-chief to look forward [...]

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BLOG: Our time here is valuable and precious

  On your mark, get set and go! My imaginary starting gun goes off like it does in a race and I speed through my day as if I were racing in the national championship meet. If you have ever seen me on campus, you will know exactly what I am talking about. I speed [...]

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BLOG: Learning and growth comes for Aviso staff member

  If someone told me in high school that I would be writing for my college student newspaper, I don’t think I would have believed them.   Not because it didn’t interest me, but because I didn’t feel like I had enough experience to write at that level. There were roughly 40 people in my graduating [...]

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BLOG: Christian athletes should not hesitate to be competitive

  Should Christian athletes be competitive? This is a question that gets asked amongst many people in the sports world. Through the controversial subject of “tebowing,” both sides have defended and spoken about why Christians should or should not be competitive. As a current Christian athlete, I firmly believe that we should be competitive and [...]

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BLOG: @mooseconfession raises sensitive issues

  Journalism is both challenging and rewarding. You get to hear and report stories and interview people that you wouldn’t normally meet. Specifically here at Malone, it gives fellow writers and myself the opportunity to meet and interact with students we wouldn’t normally cross paths with and form relationships with faculty members, professors and administration [...]

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BLOG: Writers needed for the Aviso AVW

  A lot goes into publishing an online newspaper. Stories need to be planned, written, and edited for style and content. Photos need to be taken. Videos need to be produced and edited. And there’s even more to the process that would be arduous to explain. A lot of people are needed, even to put [...]

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BLOG: The Aviso AVW welcomes you to a new year

  Welcome to a new year of classes, cafeteria food, chapel (ahem-Spiritual Formation Opportunities), and The Aviso AVW! We are excited for another great year of bringing you stories. Last year brought a lot of changes to our publication, the biggest of all being that we began publishing stories daily instead of weekly. It was a [...]

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BLOG: Senior editor-in-chief gives a final thank-you

Since the beginning of the semester I’ve had a countdown till May 4th. Graduation. Soon it became a joke that I always knew how many days till graduation. I was so excited for the day to come and everything that came with it, especially freedom from school. It wasn’t until chapel three weeks ago when [...]

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BLOG: New editor-in-chief welcomes the unexpected

  This time last year, I applied for and received a position as a staff writer for the Aviso. I barely knew any of the people involved and had to meet them all over again last fall when classes started. Soon after that, I took the copy editor position when it unexpectedly became open. Since [...]

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Blog: The weather freezes spring sports

  There is nothing worse than it being the end of March and waking up to a winter wonderland. Alright, alright; I suppose things could be worse. For instance, we could not have an indoor facility to run in when things happen like this. Oh wait… But in all seriousness, there is nothing more frustrating [...]

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