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Archives collect more than dust

Who would have known that hearing stories about the archives of John Hopkins University would have sparked laughter from an audience? Jim Stimpert spoke to an audience on the importance of the role of being an archivist. He will also speak at Walsh and Mount Union. “Archives are not dusty,” Stimpert said. “They are windows […]

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Passion fuels ministry, student’s heart for missions is revealed through organization

Summer memories usually fade as quickly as tan lines. Apart from numerous Facebook albums that catalog experiences, thoughts of part-time jobs and beach adventures are quickly replaced with tuition statement woes. At least for many students, but not so for senior business administration major Mark Cooper. In the summer of 2008, Cooper partnered with a […]

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Wild Point Park battle does little to damper Pioneer ambitions

During the first two weeks of the 2010 season, the phrase “winning streak” could have only been the subject of fantasy for the softball team. Focus pinned on getting merely one win, after eight games yielded little more than disappointment. A doubleheader sweep against Mount Vernon Nazarene kicked off conference play two weeks ago, and […]

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Third annual Pump and Run honors coach Jack Hazen

The Wellness Council sponsored the third annual Jack Hazen Open 5k and Pump and Run Friday, April 10, which started with the weigh-in and pump, beginning at 7 a.m. Students could run for free, but others wishing to participate had to pay a pre-race registration fee. A portion of the proceeds went to the Refuge […]

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Men’s basketball team holds 3 on 3 for Haiti, supports relief efforts

Players screamed “ball ball ball” and “box out” as if the basketball game they were playing was a game of high magnitude.  But fortunately, games played on the afternoon of March 27 never reached the intensity of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake felt by Haiti a few months ago. The Pioneer’s basketball team took part in […]

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