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Advocacy Day

Social work Advocacy Day

Students gain hands-on experience in Columbus   On March 30, junior social work majors will be attending a conference in Columbus, Ohio to discuss concerns in social work in America. The trip will be led by Jane Hoyt-Oliver, professor of social work and chair in the department of psychology. Going to Advocacy Day is part […]

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Young and promising

Baseball team hopes to find success from young players and experienced leaders   There are a lot of changes happening for the Malone baseball team this season. After graduating 12 seniors last year, the team recruited 14 young and talented freshmen for the 2017 baseball season. Some may look at this and be worried, but […]

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Make a difference with Make-a-Wish

SAAC raises funds in competition with other G-MAC schools   This year the Malone University SAAC is asking students to participate in donating money to the Make-a-Wish foundation. There are many reasons why the Make-a-Wish foundation is something that the SAAC is supporting. “SAAC stands for the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and it’s an organization […]

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Noises Off- Courtesy of Isaac Brenneman

Laughter and sardines

Play-within-a-play drives spring theater production   Michael Frayn’s “Noises Off” takes center stage at Malone’s theater in Founders Hall April 5-8. “Noises Off” features a play-within-a-play and reveals the hilarious realities of what happens when a production does not go as planned, both onstage and behind-the-scenes. The internal show, “Nothing On,” offers attendees a unique […]

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Access denied

New website filter system on campus   This year, Malone has changed website filters from Blue Coat WebFilter, which was 10 years old, to Palo Alto Networks for both cost and functionality reasons. Students may have noticed that websites that could be accessed last semester before fall break may not be accessible currently. Palo Alto […]

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Beyond the bubble and into Germany

Malone professor and students participate in activities surrounding Protestant Reformation This year marks the 500 anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in Germany. Sparked in 1517 when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the church door in Wittenberg, the Reformation aimed at reforming the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. The 95 Theses […]

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Pi Day

Pie for Pi Day

Math club to hold second annual pie smashing celebration   In Algebra, many students learn about π, or the symbol representing 3.14159. Every math student learns the importance of π at some point in their educational career, but it is more than a way to figure out the circumference of a circle; it is the […]

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Faith Outside Classroom

Faith outside the classroom

Students engage creative opportunities to apply faith   It is easy to get in a routine: class Monday through Friday, homework and catching up on sleep on the weekend. At Malone, students are given all the tools necessary to apply their faith outside the classroom and beyond as they prepare for the real world. Current […]

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Steps Challenge

Stepping it up

Faculty and staff participate in Fitbit challenge   This semester, several Malone staff and faculty are doing the Fitbit challenge, also known as the step challenge. There are 14 teams and both individual and team goals. Individuals pick a goal of steps to reach per day through whatever activities they enjoy doing. “The step challenge […]

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March Madness creates community

Crazy endings breed a great time for all   When Villanova’s Kris Jenkins’ shot went up in the air at the end of the NCAA Division I men’s basketball national championship, time stood still for a moment. Basketball fans around the nation watched the University of North Carolina’s hopes of winning a national title disappear […]

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