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Star Wars fun for fans, doesn’t make the most of 3D

  I must preface this article with an admission: I am a Star Wars fanatic. My opinions are obviously a bit biased, and if you are questioning whether or not to go see the Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D, let me give you some advice: GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Take the kids. […]

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Isiah Elliot dunks

Pioneer Focus: Isiah Elliott

  PEDIGREE: This week’s Pioneer Focus goes to sophomore point guard Isiah Elliott for his ability to handle one of the toughest positions in sports with such efficiency. In fact, coming down the stretch, Elliott’s game has heated up quite significantly as he has seemingly come into his own. In the men’s last nine games he […]

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The transition from print to web has been a challenging one for The Aviso AVW. Now that we're in our fourth semester under the new web format, things are beginning to come together.

BLOG: Transition from print to web culminates with award

  During my sophomore year, it was my job to post all the stories on TheAviso.org. However, the original website was very rough. There was very little that could be accomplished through it. Pictures were very difficult if not impossible to load, and it looked very unprofessional when the posts were finally uploaded. My junior […]

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The Aviso AVW won first place for Best Collegiate Newspaper Website at the Ohio Newspaper Association Convention on Feb. 14.

The Aviso AVW wins first place for best website from ONA

  The Aviso AVW won first place for Best Collegiate Newspaper Website in its division at the Ohio Newspaper Association (ONA) Convention on Thursday, Feb. 9 at the Hilton Columbus at Polaris. The Aviso AVW was competing with other publications that have less than daily frequency. It finished ahead of Otterbein University’s Tan & Cardinal, […]

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Students asked questions at the first senate Open Forum on Feb. 1 in the Stewart Room.  After introductions from senate members and an overview of this year's accomplishments and plans the floor was opened to students for about an hour.(Photo by Chelsea Weikart)

Senate Notebook: Feb. 14

  The first Student Senate Open Forum took place on Feb. 1. This allowed students to ask questions and bring concerns to all Senate members and to become informed of what Senate has done so far this year. Some concerns brought up that have been discussed in Senate meetings are: Handicap accessibility in all dorms […]

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Saint Valentine inside a box! (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

Legendary namesake: Valentine’s Day lacks historical substance

  Many people may believe the legend promoted by the History Channel that St. Valentine was a third century martyr. He was purported to have secretly performed illegal marriages for young Romans when Claudius II outlawed marriage for Roman soldiers. Another legend says that he was killed for helping Christians escape from Roman prisons. St. […]

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How to graduate without getting hitched

  Today is Valentine’s Day, which means that love is in the air … whatever that’s supposed to mean. Each year, Feb. 14 is the day when all the couples out there get to celebrate their love for one other with little chocolate hearts, adorable kisses and candlelit dinners. It’s also the day when all […]

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24 hour theatre

WATCH: Documentary offers behind-the-scenes glimpse at 24 Hour Theater

  24 Hour Theatre won’t be back until 2014. However, for those who would like to relive this year’s event, which took place from Feb. 3-4, check out this behind-the-scenes documentary. Take an inside look at the around-the-clock process of writing, rehearsing and set design that went into 24 Hour Theatre. Video produced & edited […]

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Scott feature 3

Writer Scott Cairns shares contemplative creations

  “Among a good many other advantages our predecessors in the early Church could claim was a more nearly adequate vocabulary,” read poet and spiritual writer Scott Cairns. “For instance, they were in possession of a number of words that indicated a number of amazing truths — nous, kardia, nepsis, theosis were among those words […]

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Yup, that's them together on stage woooiooooooooo (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

Husband-wife duo provides clean laughs

  Cleanliness is not a virtue many popular comedians typically strive for, so needless to say I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I arrived at the Stewart Room for SAC Comedy Night on Feb. 8. The show featured comedian couple Ron McGhee and Kerri Pomarolli. Both are professed Christians and strive to keep […]

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