Joe Peters: More than a student

Senior communications major Joseph Peters is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a rapper, , the founder of Black Men United and the leader in yards per carry in the history of Malone football.

At the age of five, Joe was already taking lessons in Tae Kwon Do and by the age of twelve he had his black belt. When he started playing football it was only natural that his training in Tae Kwon Do would pay off making him a running back to be feared any time he touched the ball.  He started playing when he was ten years old in his hometown of Oakland, California. He eventually attended and played for Diablo Valley College in Concord, California.

He was then recruited to play for bigger schools in both Division I and II. He decided to play because he felt “the most gratitude and love” from the people he encountered and from then head coach Miler who flew out to Oakland to meet and recruit Joe. He became the leader in yards per carry in the history of the Malone University Football Program. His natural ability to gain yards also gave him the honor of being the second ranked leader in yards per game. This, in turn, put him fourth overall in yards gained in his career even more impressive accomplishment considering he was at Malone for only two years.

As if this were not an impressive enough resume consider also that Joe is a singer/rapper and had has had his songs recorded more than once. Joe even tried out for American Idol, sadly he did not make the cut.

Still not impressed? Then consider this Joe is the Founder of Black Men United here on campus. Joe founded Black Men United in the spring of 2009 when he realized the disconnect between black males and the activities on campus. His desire was to have an organization that would allow upper class students mentor under classmen and help get them involved in the opportunities Malone had to offer. “I would just hope that people who come to Malone University take full advantage of everything it has to offer,” Peters said. Since the founding of the organization Joe has seen his dream become a reality.

They have had the opportunity to hold a talent show on campus which he described as “a big success”, as well as a Black Male Summit. During the summit pastors from the area came to the school to discuss the issues affecting the community as a whole.

Joe will graduate this May with a degree in Communications with a Public Relations emphasis.

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