Championship equity?

Letter to the editor:

First, I just wanted to commend Brittany Brown on her article titled: “Cheerleaders win nationals.” I thought it was very well written and highlighted many of the struggles cheerleaders have gaining respect and recognition for all of their hard work. With that said, I am so disheartened that the article was put on the back page of the Aviso–reinforcing the very problem they are trying so hard to overcome. Putting the article on the back page communicates to our cheerleaders that all of their hard work, dedication, and achievements were barely newsworthy. I hope in the future all of our teams will be represented and covered fairly in the Aviso. Any team at Malone, whether it is men’s basketball or women’s cheerleading, who wins the National championship has earned and deserves front page recognition for a job well done!

Michele Williams is an assistant professor communication studies/graduate & professional studies.

Categories: Opinion

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