Complexity and context

Letter to the Editor

We would like to applaud The Aviso for its desire to participate in the community dialogue about homosexuality and Christian faith, prompted by the visit of the Soul Force Equality Ride.  However, we are concerned that the complexity of this topic does not lend itself well to a brief newspaper-style article.  The constraints of this format may have been one of the factors that led to some of our comments being taken out of context.  Rather than citing specific examples, we would simply like to note that the words attributed to us did not fully or completely reflect our conversations with the writers or the data that informed those conversations.  While we are glad that the Aviso’s article has prompted dialogue about sexual orientation and sexual behavior and diverse viewpoints on these topics from Christian and other perspectives, we want to highlight the importance of recognizing the complexity of these issues and of maintaining the context of comments made in interviews.

Dr. David Entwistle is a professor of psychology.

Dr. Nate Phinney is an associate professor of Biblical studies.

Categories: Opinion

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