Survivor: Malone brings reality TV to campus

It had been 18 hours in the cold, wet, windy weather as everyone sat in the warmth of Heritage lounge to hear host David Garwood say these words: “and the winner of Survivor Malone and the $100.00 prize is…Roger Berning!”

Starting at 6:00 Saturday morning, 10 contestants; Darrick Willis, Roger Berning, Michael Garwood, Chrissy Wilthew, Anna McAnallen, Chris Sherwood, Alex Steinmetz, Leah Klug, Marcus Cunningham and Amber Bullen went to Boettler and Southgate parks where they were split into two tribes; Chapera, and Saboga, faced challenges, looked for hidden immunity idols, formed alliances, broke alliances, and had interviews.

The contestants weren’t given any food except for a few simple things that they had to compete for such as bananas, a coconut, cuscus, and a rock, to break the coconut. There was even a spot for tribal council.  “We used real torches, real fire, all 10 challenges were taken from a different season of Survivor,” said creator of the game and host of the show, junior Communications major David Garwood.  “I even wore the Jeff Probes outfit.”

One of the challenges was a milkshake-eating contest in survivor style. The milkshakes were made of pig’s feet, boiled bananas, hamburgers, and Amp energy Drink.  “It smelled as bad as it sounds,” said producer of the show, sophomore Communications major Jordan Grubbs. However, everyone was impressed with how contestant sophomore communications major Chris Sherwood “pounded down the food,” Garwood said.  Freshman contestant Mathematics major Alex Steinmetz offered an explanation. “There’s a certain point of hunger when anything tastes good.”  Another challenge was a slip-n-slide doused not in water, but in vegetable oil.

One of the first to be voted off was freshman Marcus Cunningham.  This time, unlike the show, Cunningham asked to be voted off.

Garwood said that Cunningham couldn’t stand the cold any longer. “Marcus was in thin shorts and a t-shirt, and he just couldn’t get warm.”

The cold wasn’t easy on any of the contestants. “It was 39 degrees, cold, hailing, and a horrible wind… huddling together did nothing,” Berning said.

Garwood came up with the idea by playing the game with his friends. “I have the board game, and after watching the season, [my friends and I] talked about it, and the idea just grew bigger and bigger,” Garwood said.  “God definitely had his hand on this event. Everyone played the game right, and braved the hunger and cold weather to get closer to the $100.00 cash prize,” Garwood said.

The entire event was filmed, and will be made into episodes to premiere this fall on Malone TV, and will also be showing on the internet.

Chelsea Weikart is a contributing writer to The Aviso.

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