Bookstore changes policies to help students

 The Tree of Life Bookstore Company partnered with Malone this summer to  increase the options for students to receive books for their semester classes.

 All students now have the option to buy, rent, or put books on their student  accounts. There are other new options available for students as well. For the  spring semester students will be able to have their books delivered directly to their  dorm rooms. This option will also be available to commuters

 “We can have it delivered right to your dorm room through Textbook Butler [via the  bookstore] in the spring,” said Ron Messner, interim vice president of finance and  controller. Messner also said it is similar to semester in a box but is available for                                                                                          all class ranks.

The bookstore website also allows students to see the textbooks and the prices of the books needed for their classes. Prior to the start of the semester and two weeks into the semester students can buy books priced at amazon.com prices online and in the bookstore.

“The biggest thing I would like to get across is that you no longer need to order books online, we are price-matching Amazon prices,” said Messner. “We really want to make the bookstore a dynamic place to shop.”

Tree of Life Bookstore Company partners with 10 colleges and universities in the nation such as Indiana Wesleyan University, Bethany  Bible College, and Cornerstone University. Tree of Life has an Internet businesses through Amazon, Barnes and noble, eBay, and half.com, as well as through the college bookstores online.

“We[Tree of Life Bookstore Company] came in with new software and training to teach your staff how to use these things,” said Darren Campbell representative from Tree of Life Bookstore Company. “We came in like coaches, like a partnership.”

The bookstore is still owned by Malone and all its employees are still hired by Malone, while using the software and advice of the Tree of Life Bookstore Company.

Several students used the rental option to get their books.

“I think it is wonderful. There are Gen Eds you may not want to keep,” said Rachel Hyde, senior social work major.

“I feel it is good chance for the people who may not have the money option to buy new or used books,” said Billy Latta, sophomore zoo and wildlife biology major.

Junior middle school education major Ryan Smith said, “I like it, renting is definitely cheaper.”

Other students bought their books from the online bookstore, and they bought their books by charging the purchases to their student accounts.

“The option that I liked is that you could buy books online,” said Heather Bullach, senior art major “I bought them all and then just picked them up.”

“It was great to go to the bookstore and put it on my student account,” said Levi Fredritz, junior nursing major. “It was the cheapest[renting] I’ve ever been able to get books.”

Lisa Heath Web Editor and contributing writer for The Aviso.

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