Holocaust survivor speaks on campus

LISTEN: Holocaust survivor, Betty Gold has dedicated her life to sharing her stories with the next generation for a single reason: they are the future.

LISTEN to Betty Gold’s presentation here.

Gold gave a detailed account of her first hand experiences as a Jewish girl in German occupied Poland during WWII to students on Sept. 10th. She emphasized the need for our generation “to voice our opinions.”

“I thought the world would have learned after WWII. I thought there would be no more hatred and fighting,” said Gold. “I would like to see young people working towards a world of peace and tolerance.”

Gold’s speech was prompted by this year’s “Malone Reads” book.  The program encourages campus wide reading and discussion. Their current book, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is a story set in Germany during WWII.

Currently, Gold is an active volunteer and contributor at the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage located in Beachwood.  It is her personal goal to educate others about the past to prevent other tragedies from occurring.

“We depend on the youth of today to stand up against bigotry,” said Gold. “We depend on our youth to make sure another Holocaust does not happen.”

Gold’s story resonated with freshman nursing major, Amanda Hussey.  She said that hearing her story gave her a different perspective on her own life.

“It just made me realize that whatever problems we are going through in our lives, God always provides a way out,” said Hussey.

In her speech, Gold said it was imperative for our generation to work towards tolerance.

Freshman psychology major, Tom Shaub believes that this is an honorable goal, but one that will never be attained.

“I believe that there are people making steps towards the goal of tolerance,” said Shaub. “But tolerance is ultimately unattainable in the fallen world we live in. Everyone would have to come to a full understanding of God to achieve it.”

“Malone Reads” is sponsoring several more events to educate students about the Holocaust, including a trip to the Maltz Museum in November.

Christina Graw Managing Editor and contributing writer and Meghan Ellsworth contributing writer for The Aviso.

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