Editors encourage students to go online

Students and faculty may have noticed empty newsstands on campus replaced with red balloons and fliers about a website called www.theaviso.org. When some of you saw this you were probably disappointed to witness the absence of a printed newspaper or completely unfazed (what’s The Aviso anyway?) or you were curious enough to see what the new paper looks like.

Despite empty stands, editors encourage students to go online. (Photo by Christina Graw).

If you are reading this, then you know that we have made a rather large shift to being strictly online.

As the school year opened, we are quite certain that some of you were disappointed to see empty newsstands, but we are hopeful that you will take the time to visit our website and check out some of the new features found there.

As a staff, we may be small in numbers, but this means we will write more quality stories every week. This also means that we take more time on each story that is published to ensure accuracy and quality.

You also may know that the communication arts department has merged into two different mediums-Open Frame and The Aviso. Because of this, we are able to present video stories to our readers via our website. Stories that have already run include tips and tricks for freshman, behind the scenes in the dining hall, and coverage of the Davenport Derby.

If you think about it, every major newspaper has made the switch to the web. A lot of people enjoy the web because it’s accessible, it’s free and it has features like video on it. Things can be easily changed or revised and it allows you to have a voice through comments.

Our hope is that you would respond to what we have written. You are able to make comments on every story that is posted every week. And we hope that you will join us in this learning process.

If you have any problems, concerns or suggestions for us please find us on campus. We are willing to listen to whatever you have to say; after all, The Aviso is the student voice of Malone University.

Thank you for taking the time to view our website and get updated on things going on. Even though you can’t hold a printed version of our paper in your hands, you are still able to get informed, have a voice and spread the word to family and friends about the exciting things going on at Malone University.

Abby Skiba editor-in-chief of The Aviso.

Christina Graw managing editor of The Aviso.

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