Student artist wins award

College students often don’t make money from their studies—not before graduation, at least. But for senior art major Heather Bullach, it pays to be an artist.

Heather Bullach senior art major received a scholarship award for this watercolor "Freedom and Fear." (photo courtesy of Jesse Peek)

Bullach recently received a scholarship award from the Ohio Watercolor Society for her painting, “Freedom and Fear.” The award totals $750 and includes an additional $200 for art supplies, as well as another $750 that goes to Malone.

The acrylic painting will be on display until the end of October at the Canton Museum of Art as part of an Ohio Watercolor Society showcase.

Although Bullach is used to creating more realistic pieces, she challenged herself with “Freedom and Fear” by delving into more nonrealistic territory.

“I surprised myself in how much I was able to loosen up,” Bullach said.

Bullach was actually chosen to receive the award before she painted “Freedom and Fear.” The Ohio Watercolor Society selected her in April for the scholarship, and the painting came as a result of winning the award.

Bullach was modest about her success, but she also acknowledged she has grown as an artist since winning the award.

“I don’t think the piece that’s in the show is my best piece,” she said.

Art professor Dr. Barb Drennan who has worked with Bullach in the past, seemed to agree. Upon seeing the work Bullach did after painting “Freedom and Fear,” Drennan summed up her reaction in one word: “unbelievable.”

“It just blew me away seeing the painting,” Drennan said, referring to how much Bullach has matured as an artist.

Drennan was quick to praise Bullach’s artistic talent and work ethic, but she also emphasized her character.

“Ever since I met her, [she’s] been nothing but kind, sweet and thoughtful,” Drennan said.

All things considered, Drennan considered Bullach to be more than qualified for employment after college.

“That’s the person I’d want to hire,” Drennan said.

Angela Impagliozza, a senior art major who has taken classes with Bullach in the past, echoed Drennan’s praise.

“In the way she carries herself as an artist, she’s very humble,” Impagliozza said.

Upon graduating in the spring, Bullach said she doesn’t have any concrete plans for where she’ll be headed next. She is currently working as an intern for Anderson Creative, an art gallery in downtown Canton. Going forward, it’s clear that art will play a part in whatever she decides to do.

“Ideally, I would like to be self-employed and work as an artist in my own studio,” Bullach said.

However, she said she was willing to accept “whatever God brings [her] way.”

As for the present, Bullach is already experiencing success as an artist. And in light of the award from the Ohio Watercolor Society, it appears her talent is already starting to pay off.

Jesse Peek staff writer for The Aviso.

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