Absence and apathy damaging to community

When I began my journey as a college student, the experience meant leaving home, venturing out on my own and creating memories with new friends. Education and academics played a large role in why I was going to school, but in all honesty, I was looking forward to making my own life apart from my parents and the familiarity of home.

Students going home on the weekends may be damaging to our community. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

As I stepped foot on Malone’s campus, I was excited to meet new people and explore the land and different activities being offered here. I soon realized that Canton, Ohio isn’t much different then my hometown of Chardon, Ohio. It’s familiar; a small community, not a “college town,” but I became slightly disappointed when I’d see empty parking lots on a Friday afternoon.

It became evident to me that most Malone students liked going home on the weekends. For some reason the majority of us didn’t stay on campus to create those memories or that life that I had sketched in my head. I know that there are students that remain on campus for the weekends; I’m not saying that Malone is a complete ghost town, but it’s quite apparent that a lot of us venture back to our hometowns to attend church or eat a home cooked meal.

Perhaps the media had skewed my vision of college. We always see visions of these years as being fast-paced, sexy, exciting. My goal was not to party or join a sorority; if it was, I would’ve attended a secular school, but I wondered why not much was going on.

Now that I have lived off campus for two years and have had the chance to make my own place in Canton, I don’t go back to my parents’ house very much anymore. And I think it’s because I’ve made an effort to be in the Canton community. Even though the Student Activities Council (SAC) strives to create things for students to do on campus, I feel that we’re still missing something. And maybe that something is passion. We’re missing passion for the place that we have invested so much money and time in. We’re missing the fact that there are things going on on campus and in close proximity to our bubble. We’re not only lacking passion for our community only on the weekends, we’re probably lacking it in our everyday lives.

SAC attempts to create events for us, but a lot of times our lack of passion gets in the way of attending these events. Sometimes it’s a financial burden to go, sometimes certain activities just don’t seem very interesting to us and sometimes a Kawfee Haus just seems like plain monotony. Sometimes we’re so caught up in what we’re doing that we forget about everything and everyone else. Are these activities even reaching our needs or wants?

My challenge to the student body is to try new things and participate in something that doesn’t count for a class credit or something that might be out of our comfort zone. Stay here on the weekends. Make memories with the people that you have committed to live with for four years. Participate in activities and suggest ideas to SAC and other organizations. Be passionate about your college experience. It is over before you know it.

Abby Skiba is editor-in-chief and contributing writer for The Aviso.



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  1. I couldn’t agree more with Abby regarding making suggestions to SAC. I appreciate that students recognize the efforts of the group; they do work hard! However, without input and investment from a diverse representation of students (and faculty and staff) we cannot possibly meet the needs/interests/”passions” of all students. We enthusiastically invite YOUR suggestions! We can be reached at rshowen@malone.edu, 330-471-8502, on Facebook at Malone University SAC or in our office on the third floor of the Barn.


  2. I always have fun on the weekends. People just expect fun to be delivered to their door. When they end up sitting on their beds creepin’ on facebook all weekend they think there is no reason to stick around campus because it’s boring. So they go home to be coddled by their cat. Truly, the only explanation is that Malone is filled with infants.


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