Outstanding faculty and staff recognized for 2011

Faculty and Staff members were recognized and commemorated during the annual Celebrating Excellence Chapel on March 30. The chapel, led by Celia King, served to award employees for their outstanding involvement throughout academic the year.

Provost Don Tucker presented the Outstanding Employee of the Year awards for both administrative and staff employees. Charlie Grimes, director of athletics and intramural sports, was selected as Outstanding Administrative Employee of the Year and Julie Pizor, accounts receivable in the business office, was selected as Outstanding Staff Employee of the Year.

Pizor was surprised, humbled and honored to be chosen as the recipient of the Outstanding Staff Employee of the Year. “I don’t have a very popular job,” Pizor said. Despite being more of a “behind-the-scenes” person, Pizor enjoyed the ceremony. “It was a little nerve-wracking getting up there,” she said.

Pizor acknowledges all of the hard work that the business office as a whole contributes. “We are big on teamwork. It was an honor that my whole office deserved.” Pizor said. “I don’t think I was any more deserving than the rest.”

The remainder of the chapel time was given to presenting the recipients of the Distinguished Faculty Award. The award was given in three categories: teaching, service and scholarship/creative expression. Students and employees were invited to nominate full-time faculty members for consideration. There were twenty-eight nominees overall.

The selection committee which chose the recipients consisted of administrative personnel, professors and current students. Each finalist needed to submit a letter to the committee that stated their credentials and why they should be considered.

Sociology professor Malcolm Gold was recognized as an outstanding faculty member along with many others. (Photo by Kaitie Fox).

Sociology professor Malcolm Gold presented both of the faculty awards for Teaching and Scholarship/Creative Expression. History professor Greg Miller was selected for the Teaching Award, while business administration professor Maria Lai-Ling Lam was selected for the Scholarship/Creative Expression Award. Sociology professor Malcolm Gold was selected for the Service Award. Senior Joshua Eck, the current student body president, came on stage to give the Service Award to Gold so that he would not be presenting it to himself.

Miller was very honored to receive the Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching, especially considering students nominated the finalists. “We have wonderful instructors at Malone,” Miller said. “I’d like to see more faculty recognized.”

Miller strives to leave a lasting impression on his students. Years later, when they do not remember all of the course content, they might remember their professor. “I think I have the greatest job in the world,” he said. Miller said Malone is a very special place. “I believe God has called me to this place and its students.”

Lam was blessed to receive the Scholarship/Creative Expression Award. “Doing scholarship work is a kind of ministry work,” Lam said. Lam knew no one when she moved from Hong Kong to work here in 2001 and she was grateful for Malone’s environment.

“I would like more of my students to be serious about work as a way to serve Christ,” Lam said. “No matter if I win an award or not.” Lam sees a need to encourage students to engage in sharing ideas.

In previous years, nominees knew of the results before the day the presentations occurred. This year, recipients knew who won on the Friday before the ceremony. The recipients agreed that it was an honor to be recognized. They greatly appreciated the students who personally wanted to nominate any faculty member who they believed had outstanding involvement in their education and experience at Malone.

Kristin Rayz is a contributing writer for The Aviso.



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