Welcome to the 2011 edition of Aviso AVW


As classes are beginning once again and the summer draws to a close, I’d like to take the opportunity to welcome students back for what is sure to be a great year. With all the changes in the air here at Aviso AVW, we’re certainly excited about what’s in store for the 2011-12 school year. As a staff, we wish you the best as the Fall semester gets under way, and we hope your first few weeks of class go smoothly.

A new year brings lots of exciting changes for Aviso AVW. (Photo by Jesse Peek)

One change you may have noticed right away involves our name. The Aviso has now officially become Aviso AVW, and you’ll see this change reflected throughout the site. Rest assured, our mission remains unchanged–we’re committed to providing you with the news you care about that takes place on Malone’s campus and to serve as an independent voice for the student body.

However, the name change does signal we’re continuing to move in the direction of convergence with other exciting forms of media that are being created right here at Malone. AVW stands for Audio. Video. Web., which means you’ll be seeing more stories told in a multimedia manner. Ever since our transition to being an online-only publication last year, we’ve been moving in that direction, but expect to see even more videos, audio clips and other multimedia elements on the site this year.

With a new year also comes a new site design here at Aviso AVW. We’ve spent the summer working to give the website a fresher appearance, and you’ll find many new features that will make it easier for you to find the news you want. As part of our new site design, we’ll be working on getting a new logo, too–something you can actually help us out with as part of our Logo Design Contest.

We hope you like what you see so far! Check back on Tuesday, Sept. 13 to see the first issue of the 2011 edition of Aviso AVW, with new issues every following Tuesday. Until then, good luck with classes!

We hope Aviso AVW will become a weekly part of your Malone experience. But most of all–thanks for reading!

Jesse Peek is Editor-in-Chief of Aviso AVW.


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