Board prepares to vote for president


This month the board of trustees will continue the process started in May to select the next president of the university. Beginning in May, the process of choosing the right candidate has included compiling lists of qualified individuals, nominating and meeting with those individuals and interviewing them with the help of the Presidential Review and Compensation Committee and the CCCU.

“One of the most important roles that the board has is to name the president,” said Steve Steer, chair of the board. “We are looking for someone who is a visionary, and can cast the vision for Malone that it would better serve its community.”

As of now the individuals who are a part of the process to become president will remain anonymous in part due to their commitments with other institutions. The only finalist that has been publicly announced thus far is current Interim President Dr. Will Friesen.

Interim President Dr. Will Friesen working in his office. Friesen has been named a finalist in Malone's search for a new president. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

Friesen was named interim president Feb. 22, 2010 after former President Dr. Gary Streit’s resignation. Dr. Friesen has been here since July 2008 when he served for two years as Provost and President of Academic Affairs.

As interim president, Friesen was automatically named a finalist in the running towards the permanent title as president.

“We have been blessed to have Dr. Friesen as an interim president, and have identified him as a finalist, but once we get to looking at the finalists, we will be looking at everyone with fresh eyes,” said Steer.

The board will continue the process of bringing the candidates to Canton to interview them and have them meet with cabinet members, faculty, staff, and trustees. After the candidates have been named finalists, the Board of Trustees will vote on which of the finalists will be named president.

“We are hoping that in October at our board meeting when the entire board is present, we will be able to vote and the decision will be announced shortly after,” Steer said.

Chelsea Weikart is Managing/News Editor for Aviso AVW.


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