Car registration no longer requires fee, sticker


This year, parking stickers went the way of student IDs that still read “Malone College”—practically vintage with the implementation of a new vehicle registration system.

Students are now required to register all vehicles that they’re going to be parking on campus through MaloneXpress under the Campus Life tab. Students are asked to enter the make, model, year and license plate number of any car they will be parking on campus. Students who registered a vehicle last year are required to register again for this year.

The parking fee is now included in the comprehensive fee instead of being paid separately, and stickers no longer have to be displayed in car windows.

The system is intended to be more convenient for students and the security staff isn’t expecting problems with it, according to Jim Palone, director of the physical plant.

Parking stickers are no longer required on campus. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

“We seem to have just as many cars registered as with a permit system,” Palone said.

Campus safety is able to quickly enter a license plate to see if a vehicle is registered, so Palone doesn’t expect that the officers are going to be slowed down by the change.

For visitors who are staying for an extended period of time, Palone suggests that students contact campus safety to temporarily register the visitor’s vehicle.  If the visitor is only staying for an afternoon, they should probably just stay away from handicapped, faculty/staff and admissions parking.

“Typically, if visitors park on an unlabeled space, they’re going to be fine,” Palone said.

Parking in the Johnson Center, Bethel Temple and the Jewish Community Center is still considered Malone parking, and people parking there can be ticketed by university security.

All student vehicles must be registered to park on campus. Unregistered vehicles can be fined $50. Fines can be paid in the business office in Founder’s Hall, and unpaid fines will be added to a student’s tuition bill. If a student wants to dispute a fine, this can be done online within 48 hours of the citation.

Stephanie Morton is Feature Editor for Aviso AVW.


Kaitie Fox is Photo Editor for Aviso AVW.

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