Father chronicles son’s visions


Have you ever wondered what heaven is like? Very few people can say that they have been to heaven and back or even seen a glimpse into heaven. However, Colton Burpo was able to go there and gradually told his parents what he saw.

Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent.

Heaven is for Real, a non-fiction book, was written by Todd Burpo, the father of Colton and pastor of a small-town Nebraska church.

Colton was four years old at the time of his visit to heaven. He became extremely sick from an appendix rupture. It was four months after his life-saving surgery that he began to tell his parents about heaven. He told them exactly what they were doing while he was in surgery and that the angels were singing to him.

Colton, who had never learned the images found in Revelation, Daniel and throughout the Bible described to his father, Todd, what he saw. Colton used his childlike understanding and vocabulary to describe the world he saw around him.

He describes sitting on Jesus’ lap and learning that God cares for his children, that God is very big, and that God sends down his Holy Spirit to his followers—all in his little child lingo.

This book proves many Scriptures of heaven and gives great insight into the place described in the Bible.

Heaven is for Real is a must read, and will inspire whoever picks this up to think more about heaven and about God.

Thumbs Up!

Lisa Heath is a senior staff writer for Aviso AVW.

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  1. Samuel Taylor says:

    “Ever wondered what heaven was like? Well, in this accurate account of a 4 YEAR OLD’S journey to heaven and back…”

    I find it strangely amusing that consumers of this style of literature don’t immediately call into question the validity of a toddler’s claims of metaphysical exploration.


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