Two worlds collide for folk band The Vespers


Sisters Phoebe and Callie Cryar began The Vespers in their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. At first it was just the two of them.

Taylor and Bruno Jones were a part of a different band. They were introduced to Phoebe and Callie through a mutual friend and started jamming together.

The Vespers are (left to right) Taylor Jones, Phoebe Cryar, Callie Cryar and Bruno Jones (Photo by Katie Fox)

The brothers brought more rock and rhythm to the band.

“It’s like two Led Zeppelin fans meet two Iron and Wine fans,” Taylor Jones said.

The two worlds came together in an interesting mix to form the final line-up. The sisters do most of the lyric writing and the brothers supply the instrumental and rhythm. However, the members share territory and talent. Any member could contribute to any part of the songwriting process.

All of the members of the band are Christians and they recognize the ministry opportunity that is in front of them. While there is no pressure to write “God songs,” it is their hope to make their audience “look up a little bit.”

“We want to be the best in the world,” Bruno Jones said.

In an industry in which its tough to get by, Bruno Jones added that they also want to “do honest business.”

Phoebe Cryar expressed how she wants to “make a living and spread the Word.”

This “fun little folk band” is proud to be itself, let the audience see who they really are. They love to get to know their audience.

“If people want to meet us after the show, it’s been a successful show,” Phoebe Cryar said. “And that’s important to the whole band.”

Taylor Jones agreed.

“It’s all about the moments you give them.”

Katie Fox is photo editor for Aviso AVW.

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