BLOG: Collaborating on photo story makes job easier


This is the first time Aviso AVW has done an all-photo story.

As photo editor and one of the only photographers, being thrown into a job of this magnitude was a little intimidating. If it weren’t for Lisa Heath, it would have been an impossible task.

Lisa and I went around to many of the homecoming events. We took pictures together, trying to get the right angle to capture the moment properly. I’m used to being the only photographer on the job, so having Lisa there took a lot of stress off of me.

Homecoming was also so much bigger than I’ve ever seen! A second photographer was great to have.

Lisa is a frequent writer for Aviso AVW and she started to get interested in photos just as I got interested in writing. We have taught each other so much this year.

In the editing room, however, we ran into problem after problem after problem. The stress of this photo story tripled in editing and captions and uploading. It has been a nightmare– I now understand the meaning of weeping and gnashing of teeth– but we work together to get through it.

I’m very grateful for Lisa, especially on this article. She and I also worked together on the opinion piece about dancing. We have different views when it comes to dancing, but that worked out for our benefit. She and I had quite the experience working together and I can honestly say that I couldn’t have done this article without her.

Kaitie Fox is photo editor for Aviso AVW.


  •      •      •      •      •

Over the past few weeks, Kaitie Fox and I have been able to work a lot together. We are even working together on this blog entry.

I started working with Kaitie when she said would like to learn how to write with more journalistic style. Kaitie and I decided to work on an article remembering 9/11.

I have been giving her a few tips on writing and she has been giving me some tips on taking pictures since I had expressed interest in helping her.

Working on the opinion piece together this week really helpful. We tried to get the pieces to go together while still having both of our views distinct.

Kaitie and I would email drafts of the opinion back and forth to each other and give each other feedback on the articles before they were sent in to the editor.

The homecoming photo spread was a big collaboration. Kaitie was teaching me many camera tricks as we covered four events (approximately 35 pictures total) that took place over the weekend.

Working with two people can generate more ideas. And when a larger project is needed to be accomplished it is nice to have help. Kaitie has great ideas to share and she can teach well.

Lisa Heath is a senior staff writer for Aviso AVW.

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