Work study jobs still available


A struggle college students often face during and after college is the ability to find a job. Recently, however, the cafeteria table tents have displayed an ad for work study jobs still available in the art department.

Senior integrated social studies major Aaron Kalkbrenner has been working in the library work study program since he was a freshman. He is required to shelf-read books for a half-hour each week to ensure books are placed on the right shelf. (Photo by Lisa Heath)

Janet Myers, director of the student work program, said there are still jobs available on campus for students qualifying for work study.

“The service and grounds department is always taking applications,” Myers said. “The art department and the Boys Club in Canton are willing to take students.”

Some departments will hire later in the year if the need arises.Director of Human Resources Mike Fairless said that “off and on, athletics will need student workers.”

The table tents and posters around campus provide lists of available jobs. Myers said she would post any job openings on her bulletin board, which is located in Founder’s Hall Room 17.

Myers reminds students who qualify for work study to refer to the packet sent out to all work study qualifiers in July and speak to her if they need extra help finding a job. lists all work study jobs and descriptions of all jobs.

When Financial Aid awards work study, some students qualify for it but they aren’t awarded it because the money is given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Sometimes people who express interest in a job are put on a waiting list. However, Myers said that it is rare that someone on a waiting list would be awarded work study.

Financial Aid has the final say on when jobs are awarded to people on the waiting list. Also, certain popular positions, such as the game room, may have waiting lists of their own.

Most students who qualify for work study through Financial Aid receive jobs.

“Everybody (qualified) that’s ever wanted a job has gotten a job,” Fairless said.

The Student Work Office is available for anyone who needs help finding a job.

Kaitlyn Stump is a staff writer for the Aviso AVW.

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