Thrice pushes sound to next stage


Thrice has done it again. Album after album, Thrice adds to their long and successful legacy of originality and diversity. The only predictable thing about Major/Minor, their eighth full length release, is the movement it achieves.

Thrice takes its next evolutionary step with Major/Minor, the band's eighth studio album. The album was released on Sept. 20. (Image courtesy of Vagrant Records)

As is consistent with Thrice of late, this album neglects popular trends that are overproduced and unoriginal. When it comes to rock, Thrice has accomplished their task without becoming trite.

In the last decade, Thrice has been one of the few bands with the foresight to buckle down as modern music and industry have literally flipped upside down. In a constantly swirling environment, the only way to continue progressing is by simple intuition.

The organic tones of Major/Minor strip down production to emphasize the foundations of music. Thrice teaches that components like song form and strong melody can be just as emotionally effective without being overworked.

The first two songs of Major/Minor set the tone for the album by addressing difficult issues, like marriage and the depravity of man. Frontman Dustin Kensrue has a knack for communicating the big picture through concise lyrics.

The band, in its entirety, joins in passion and brotherhood to communicate truths too overwhelming for one individual to conquer.

Anyone who’s a fan of music that is authentic and engaging should check out this album. Between its thick tones and raw feel, this album is Thrice’s own rendition of rock and roll.

If you are unsatisfied with your other music, give Thrice a chance to add depth that you probably haven’t experienced before. You won’t be disappointed.

Rachel Judy is a contributing writer for Aviso AVW.

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