WATCH: New Pioneer mascot arouses varied student reaction

Pioneer athletics recently introduced new mascot “JW Scout” at the homecoming game’s 52-10 loss to NAIA #1 St. Xavier (IL) University on Oct. 8.

The appearance of the mascot was made to precisely match the logo the Pioneer athletics department inherited three years ago when Malone became a university. Alongside “spirit character” Maxamoose, the new mascot will now appear at many noteworthy athletic events.

Here is a closer look at JW Scout in action and the reaction he has received from some of the Pioneer faithful.


Chris Sherwood is sports editor for Aviso AVW.


Michael Garwood is a video editor for Aviso AVW.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Samuel Taylor says:

    To clarify for students so frequently opposed to change:

    Maxamoose = Spirit Character

    Pioneer = Mascot


  2. Alicia Hopkins says:

    Personally as an alumni. I dislike the new mascot.. The moose is a long time mascot and brings a lot of cheer to people at games. New mascot looks a little scary to me.. might scare children.


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