Is there too much fun in fundraising?


There are many different ways to raise money and give support to organizations. In an entertainment-based culture, people are always looking for ways to get enjoyment — even in raising money.

There are a few different kinds of fundraising. For starters, asking people for money by saying, “I am doing such and such, and I need such and such. Please help.” This may include a missions trip you would go on and you need to write support letters or call people and actually talk to them on the phone.

There is fundraising by asking for donations or by setting a price by providing goods for people via a bake sale, spaghetti dinner or crafts sale. This way of fundraising can help the person in need of funds without actually asking directly.

Bake sales are a great way to raise money without directly asking for funds. They also avoid falling into the trap of "fun"draising — using fun activities as a way to raise money. (Photo courtesy of Michelle Heath)

In my experience, people love buying yummy delectables when they know it is going for a good cause. A spaghetti dinner is a great example of a family-friendly fundraiser — but be careful not to get the dinner on the floor because spaghetti can be slippery on a plastic plate.

Goods donation is a very agreeable and indirect way of raising funds. It is not actually giving money, but supporting a cause. A soup kitchen, toy drive or school supply drive can be a much better way to spend money than giving actual money at times. The supplies can be given directly to help those in need.

Goods donation leads me to my next idea: “Fun”draising. In a society that loves being thrilled and entertained by tournaments and games, we sometimes revert to fun activities to help both a cause and our consciences.

I wonder what would happen if people took the time it takes planning a basketball game, a card game or a carnival and instead actually went to the soup kitchen to which they are giving money.

There is a time for fun fundraising. For example, for a school trying to pay off a building fund, it would be a good way to get the students and families involved.

However, our culture is making us become too focused on fun. It can do us good to get our hands dirty and volunteer somewhere. Why are we afraid? You won’t break a fingernail; you’ll learn to drill a nail gun into a building to support it.

Getting involved can help us make an impact in our community in the world God created.

There is a time for “fun”draising. But when is it better to be involved, go to a soup kitchen to help give a meal or create a backpack with school supplies with the same money that could be used to enter a tournament.

There are many opportunities. Search them out.

Lisa Heath is a senior staff writer for Aviso AVW.

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