Students test trivia knowledge in SAC “Celebrity” Jeopardy


Students, parents and even siblings participated in Jeopardy, based on the TV game show, on Nov. 11 in the Memorial Chapel. The Student Activity Council hosted the event as a part of Parent’s Weekend 2011.

Junior computer science major Jeffrey DeWitt and junior pre-professional biology major Andrew Rearick—co-directors of the event—planned and organized the event with the help of a SAC committee. DeWitt said this was the first time SAC has chosen Jeopardy as an event.

DeWitt played the role of Alex Trebek, Jeopardy’s host. Participants were able to challenge faculty contestants Dr. Alice Christie, professor of education; Rhett Edwards, resident director of DeVol; and Micah Tedeschi, instructional technology specialist.

Prizes for the contestants included t-shirts, CDs, gift cards and blankets. Also, $10 gift cards were passed out to audience members who answered trivia questions correctly.

Four rounds of Jeopardy were played. Contestants had to answer questions from five different categories. The categories changed each round of the game. The categories included everything from “The Learned at Malone,” ‘That’s Not Malopriate” and “Bible to Seen on TV,” “Text Talk” and “In or Out.”

The questions also ranged from “The texting term LOL means…” to “This book contains the longest verse in the Bible…” And then the contestants had to answer each question before the other contestants. But of course, like the TV game show, the contestants had to begin with “who is” or “what is” and then proceed with their answer.

The SAC Jeopardy game lasted for 4 games. Each game consisted of one round of Jeopardy and then the Final Jeopardy round. Faculty, staff, students and audience members participated. (Photo by Lisa Heath)

Points were assigned to each of the questions in the category. When a question was answered correctly, points were added to the contestant’s score. When a question was answered incorrectly, points were deducted. While most of the contestants had negative or close to zero points by the end of the game, the crowd still enjoyed the company and entertainment.

In the four rounds a total of nine of about 50 participants in the audience were chosen as contestants. The host chose contestants at random from a bucket of all the audience members’ names to play against one of the faculty members.

A faculty member won three of the four rounds, but senior Bible and theology major Bob Book won the fourth round of Jeopardy.

“I was able to use my wealth of useless knowledge,” Book said. “But I was really happy to have an event that I was able to share with others and especially my sisters.”

Freshman middle childhood education major Monica Clevenger was also a contestant in the game show. She attended the event with her parents.

“My family and I really enjoy playing games, so I would absolutely come again,” Clevenger said.

DeWitt said that for this being the first time SAC had done this event, he thought it went well.

“We had more people than expected,” DeWitt said. “We will think about doing it next year, but [SAC] will still have Minute To Win It in the fall.”

SAC Minute To Win It, based on a TV game show, is a competition where students compete in many different challenges. It is held in the fall.

Sadie Eicher is a contributing writer for Aviso AVW.

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