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Five things to do if the snow ever sticks around

05. Play in the snow.

Build a snowman. Go sledding. Have a snowball fight. You’re never too old for a little fun in the snow. Author Bob Eckstein, as detailed in his book History of the Snowman, found documentations of snowmen as early as 1380.

Be a part of history. Build a prize winning snowman here.

If you can afford to rent equipment, try it for real.


04. Go ice skating.

That is, if the new pond is actually frozen. If not, go for a polar bear swim.

Here’s a full story on the skating pond.


03. Mutually ingest a hot beverage.

Drink cocoa. Drink hot apple cider. Drink a cup of tea. Drink a cup of coffee. Drink something hot. Drink it with a friend. For an extra special treat, put some ground red pepper in your cocoa.

Get recipes for Malopriate spicing up of your winter drinks here, and in this clip:


02. Listen to Frank Zappa.

Apostrophe (‘). It has songs about yellow snow, fighting Eskimos, journeying across the tundra and pancake breakfasts—a humorous, weird 70s treat. Frank did it all: jazz, classical, psychedelic rock, progressive rock and synth pop (sometimes all on the same album). Now in all reality, you could listen to any music that compliments the weather well. Equal parts childish and highbrow, I really recommend this one.


01. Watch Fargo.

Why? Because it’s the greatest winter movie ever made. Snow is practically one of the main characters. After two hours of Minnesota and North Dakota winter, you’ll begin to appreciate Ohio weather — lake effect snow seems pretty tame by comparison. Really, you should just watch some kind of great winter movie. This one though…it’s a dark comic masterpiece.

Read a disturbing news story related to the movie. And here’s a great clip from the film:


Nick Skiles is arts & entertainment editor for The Aviso AVW

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