Bod Pod benefits exercise science program, community

The Bod Pod has the potential to benefit Malone's exercise science program greatly. However, its benefits could also extend to athletics and the community as a whole. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)


As a university that prides itself in academics, our exercise science program should try to educate its students in the most up-to-date technology for the field.

When Assistant Professor of Exercise Science Steve Wirick first mentioned the Bod Pod last spring in Human Fitness Assessment, I honestly had no idea that it existed or what it could do. However, once he told us that institutions like the Cleveland Clinic and Ohio State University use this technology, I realized how important it would be if Malone purchased a Bod Pod.

Wirick went on to explain that the Bod Pod is the most accurate body composition test to date, even more accurate than using a caliper, which can easily be used incorrectly if one is not experienced.

The reward for having experience operating the Bod Pod can possibly give Malone’s students a leg up as exercise science students apply to graduate school for physical therapy, as athletic trainers or even as personal trainers.

Benefits of using the Bod Pod continue even further into our athletic program. Malone’s athletes can have a more accurate idea of how fit they are, allowing coaches to focus on more sports-specific training. Staff and members of the community can also use the Bod Pod.

I believe that the Bod Pod will be very beneficial not only to Malone but to the community as well. I can only eagerly wait to see exactly what exciting opportunities the future will hold concerning the Bod Pod.

[READ:] Senior staff writer Steena Hymes takes a closer look at the Bod Pod.

Erin Milano is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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