New Bod Pod provides expert fitness results


The name “Bod Pod” sounds almost extraterrestrial. And the looks of it don’t suggest much else, either. What looks like a “miniature space ship,” as one student described, is actually the newest technology for measuring body composition.

This new tool was purchased through a joint effort on the part of the Natural Science Department and Malone for roughly $48,000.

According to Assistant Professor of Exercise Science Steve Wirick, the Bod Pod is the gold standard in research to which every other fitness tool is compared to.

“It’s safe, easy and incredibly accurate,” Wirick said.

The brand new Bod Pod provides accurate measurements of body composition. The Bod Pod is available for use by students, faculty/staff, and the community at large for a fee. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

Most students may be familiar with the fitness assessment that is required for the Personal Wellness course. What’s the difference between the old test and the Bod Pod? According to Wirick, the Bod Pod is not only more accurate, but it measures body composition of lean and fat tissue as opposed to BMI, which stands for Body Mass Index. Although BMI has its place in research, Wirick said body composition is more accurate and important for your overall health.

The Bod Pod is also easier and quicker than the BMI fitness assessment. According to Wirick, it takes five minutes and all that is required is to sit in the machine and breathe normally.

Wirick hopes to utilize the Bod Pod not just on campus, but also in the community. It has already been active in exercise science courses to train students.

“We want to take it to the community [and] offer services for people to understand their body, what it means and make changes,” Wirick said.

The Bod Pod is also an important and useful tool in athletics as it helps the teams increase their performance, according to Wirick.

Exercise Science major Erin Milano used the Bod Pod in a personal fitness assessment and praised its value at Malone.

“I was so excited,” Milano said. “It’s getting us as a community geared toward better lifestyle goals.”

Milano also looks forward to the opportunities the Bod Pod can provide to Malone.

“It’s nice that now were on equal footing with higher universities,” Milano said. “It’s going to help the exercise science students get a leg up on grad school and the professional world.”

[pullquote]It’s nice that now were on equal footing with higher universities,” Milano said. “It’s going to help the exercise science students get a leg up on grad school and the professional world.”[/pullquote]

According the Milano, results are easy to understand and participants do not need to know anything about the technology in order to understand their results.

“It’s an overall… enjoyable experience. It’s better to know exactly where you stand and what you need to work on,” Milano said.

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Before doing the test there is certain protocol that must be followed. Participants are required to do a two hour fast from eating, drinking and exercise before doing the assessment. There also is a specific dress code. According to Wirick, all information and results are confidential. The cost for the Bod Pod assessment is $15 for students, $20 for faculty and staff and $25 for the general community. For more information, e-mail Steve Wirick at swirick@malone.edu.

The Bod Pod promises to give Malone a new advantage in fitness assessments and natural science studies as well as encourage the Malone campus to take that step toward having a better and healthier lifestyle.

Steena Hymes is a senior staff writer for The Aviso AVW.

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