Senate Notebook: January


Senate Notebook is a new addition to the news section. The goal is to keep students informed about decisions Student Senate is making and the student concerns brought up during meetings. Senate meets Wednesdays at 9 p.m. in Founders Hall 65 (Hoover Room). Guests are welcome to join.

Upcoming Events promoted by Student Senate

Feb. 1: Senate Open Forum, 7:00 p.m. Stewart Room. The first event of this kind offered by Senate, Open Forum is for students to bring any concern or complaint they have that the Student Senate might change. Attendance will determine if the event will continue in the future.

Feb. 9: Not-So-Newly-Wed game, 7:30 p.m., Stewart Room. Sponsored by the sophomore class.

Feb. 16: Reader’s Theater. Sponsored by the multicultural group. Participants can bring a piece of African American literature to read aloud.

Senior early childhood education major Katie Bush took an oath to be Student Senate Vice President for the remainder of the semester at a Senate meeting on Jan. 25. President Robert Book read the oath while Secretary Ezra Tkach held the Bible. Bush was elected mid-term on Jan. 18 after former Vice President Samson Toe resigned due to time restraints. (Photo by Chelsea Weikart)

Opinions of the Senate

Opinions of the Senate are brought about by student concerns and are letters written to a higher authority asking or suggesting that something be changed or altered. After discussion and consensus, Senate writes and as a whole approves this opinion and sends it to whomever it may concern.

In January, Student Senate sent out two letters.

  1. To the president’s cabinet, Senate sent out a letter requesting that SIR surveys be implemented again as a way of giving instructors positive and negative feedback, and giving students a voice. Senate is awaiting reply.
  2. To Pastor Randy Heckert and the president’s cabinet requesting that there be more student-led worship during chapel services. They request that Mr. Pitzer do more directing rather than leading worship services and students have more of the stage presence. Senate is awaiting reply.

Other topics:

  1. Senate unanimously passed the cheerleading club constitution.
  2. Senate unanimously passed the chess club constitution.
  3. The request for more student space was discussed and several things brought to the table, one being that the RDs are already petitioning for space to be remodeled to better fit students needs. This issue was tabled until details are more clear as to the direction Senate should take.

Chelsea Weikart is managing/news editor for The Aviso AVW.

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