February offers multiple opportunities to give


Students and faculty alike are spreading awareness to campus for those less fortunate. This week brings a few different ways to get involved and serve those who need it most through spare change and clothing.

Blossom resident director Stacy Utecht and her resident advisors brought the Rice Bowl to campus in place of the annual silver war. Rice Bowl is an international charity in which people fill up rice bowl banks provided to them by the organization with their spare change. Utecht ordered around 600 rice bowls to place at every room on campus, which started the evening of Monday, Feb. 6.

The money will be collected on Feb. 27. According to Utecht, all money from the rice bowls goes to provide food for orphan in 8 poverty stricken countries where children suffer from malnutrition. The orphanages buy food from local market and farmers to help build up the community. According to Utecht, one full rice bowl can feed a child for a month.

Utecht hopes the Rice Bowl Challenge will give students the opportunity to serve in a tangible way.

Rice bowls were placed at every door of Blossom Hall on Monday, Feb. 6. These rice bowl banks were later given to every room on campus. (Photo by Chelsea Weikart)

“I think a lot of students on campus have the desire to do something,” Utech said. “A lot of people are left with the question, ‘What am I supposed to do about it?’”

Utecht and Blossom RAs are also using the month of February to bring awareness of world hunger to campus. They are challenging students to get involved even further by working with AVI to have one food line serve only rice and beans for a week.

“If you really want to know how that feels… push yourself to eat that for one meal a day,” Utecht said.

Along with rice bowls, world hunger awareness will be featured in table tents, newsletters and flyers throughout the dorm. Utecht said she hopes to educate campus through their efforts.

“It doesn’t take much to get involved, just some pocket change and awareness,” she said.

Focusing on a local mission, Resident Advisors Tori Hall and Mike Roberts have joined together for a brother-sister floor event that will reach out to student’s closets. Both floors are organizing a clothing drive for Wednesday, Feb. 8. Between 8:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., they will go around door to door and collect any clothes that students are willing to offer.

Roberts, a senior integrated social studies major, came up with the idea while leading Bible study for his floor. After reading through Matthew 10, he shared that serving has been on his heart and together the men decided to serve on a larger scale. With the help of Hall’s floor, Whittier 2, they hope to gain participation from all of campus.

“We realized that we don’t wear all our clothes … this would be something that students would get behind and do,” Roberts said.

[pullquote]“We thought more people would participate if we asked them for stuff they already have,” Roberts said.[/pullquote]

Roberts’ goal for this drive is to get Malone students more involved in local missions.

“There is a lot of mission work that needs to done in Canton,” Roberts said. “I would hope the Malone student body would start to do more stuff on a year to year basis … students actually step up to something by themselves.”

According Roberts, no decision has been made yet about which organization these clothes will go to. However, Refuge of Hope is a strong possibility as well as a women’s shelter. Hall also added that it depends on how many and what kinds of clothes are received. No particular clothes are required or wanted as long as they are in nice shape, Hall said.

Lastly, SIFE is collecting canned food and monetary donations for the Stark County Hunger Task Force through Friday, Feb. 10.  Their goal for this month’s food drive is 2,500 pounds of food. Donations can be brought to a faculty member’s office and upon notification a member of SIFE will pick it up. Checks can be made out to “Malone SIFE” and sent through campus mail to the attention of Patricia Berg.

Last November, SIFE teamed up with the Kiwanis clubs of Louisville, Canton and Belden Village for the second annual Tailgate Against Hunger Saturday at Fawcett Stadium. Admittance to the football game was free with the donation of a nonperishable food item.

SIFE’s goal for these fundraisers is to raise 5,000 pounds of food combined.

No matter how much or little, this week is providing plenty of opportunities for students across campus to get involved and serve the community and world around them. Be it pocket change or that shirt that hasn’t been worn in a year – everything helps.

Steena Hymes is a senior staff writer for The Aviso AVW.



This article has been changed from its original version due to factual errors.

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