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GALLERY: Students work around clock for 24 Hour Theatre


Students raced the clock as part of 24 Hour Theatre, which began on Friday, Feb. 3 at 9 p.m. and culminated with the performance of five short plays a mere 24 hours later.

After actors auditioned in the theatre on Friday at 9 p.m., directors selected their casts. After that, teams of writers — featuring both current students and alumni — worked overnight crafting short scripts.

The following morning, directors and their casts began rehearsing the scripts. Throughout the rest of the day, all aspects of each production — including lighting and set design — were plotted out. At 9 p.m. on Saturday night, students, parents and faculty crowded into the theatre to witness the results of a full 24 hours of work.

24 Hour Theatre is a biennial event held by the Department of Communication Arts. The casts and crew for each production are as follows:

“Lamaze with Rayne” – Directed by Brook Pittinger. Starring Trish Landis, Steve Nierste and Kellie Adams. Written by Chloe Asselin, Marcus Burkhardt and Caitlin Pickard.

“Sweet Tea and Nietzsche” – Directed by Julia Belden with assistance from Kristy Wise. Starring Josh Setty, Erin Montgomery and Heechun Kang. Written by Dave Carmany, Jonathan Lincoln and Allison Hammerle.

“Here to Win” – Directed by Marcy Scibur. Starring Alexis McCullough, Jasmine With, Brennan Miller and Melissa Moseley. Written by Taylor Hazlett, Sally Gotch and Erin Chilensky.

“Everything Hotline” – Directed by Michael Lawson. Starring Kayla DeVitto, Andrew Smith and Kayla Tonneas. Written by Edie Bowman, Jennifer Coblentz and Lisa Heath.

“A Good Old Fashioned Nightmare” – Directed by Justin Edenhoffer. Starring Nik Mateer, Kaitie Fox, Elizabeth Finley and Joe DiNardo. Written by Andrew Gates, Tim Carmany and Nick Battilana.



Jesse Peek is editor-in-chief for The Aviso AVW.



Nick Skiles is arts & entertainment editor for The Aviso AVW.

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