Senate Notebook: Feb. 14


The first Student Senate Open Forum took place on Feb. 1. This allowed students to ask questions and bring concerns to all Senate members and to become informed of what Senate has done so far this year.

Some concerns brought up that have been discussed in Senate meetings are:

  • Handicap accessibility in all dorms and buildings on campus
  • Consistency of gates being locked at the entrances of campus at the posted times
  • Extended hours for open gym and the library
  • Energy conservation and efficiency around campus be increased
  • Cost of the ice rink and communication between students and senate before such decisions are made
  • The old career advancement office in the Centennial Building be turned into something for students

    Students asked questions at the first senate Open Forum on Feb. 1 in the Stewart Room. After introductions from senate members and an overview of this year's accomplishments and plans, the floor was opened to students for about an hour. (Photo by Chelsea Weikart)

The desire for more student space remains a topic of discussion. The committee has teamed up with the residence life staff, who have been surveying students and researching better ways to create student spaces on campus.

President Bob Book also spoke to Director of Campus Safety Dave Burnip regarding an outstanding concern about campus safety procedures, especially emergency calls.  According to Burnip, the current process of handling issues is being restructured in the hopes that these issues be handled in a more efficient and effective manner.

Groups seeking official status

Pre-Professional Club was presented before Senate by the constitution committee and was unanimously passed.

Safe Space is in the process of becoming an official group. They are currently revising their constitution, which was turned down once last semester for revision.  They are also being asked to show proof that they have a faculty adviser, which is protocol for every group to become official.

Green Team is another group whose constitution got turned down earlier this year. They are rewriting their constitution. Green Team’s focus is on things like energy conservation on campus.

Opinions of the Senate

So far this month Senate has written and sent out several letters. One letter requested extended visiting hours, especially on holidays like Martin Luther King Jr. Day that fall on a Monday.

Senate requested that the old career advancement center in the Centennial Building be made into a computer lab for students. This is partially due to a student request at the Open Forum.

A letter to the president’s cabinet is being written regarding handicap access to buildings in dorms and on campus in response to a student request at Open Forum.

A letter was sent to the Physical Plant addressing the concern brought up at Open Forum of the gates being locked consistently and a previous concern of a student that female security guards be available to enter women’s dorms when there are no open dorms.

Upcoming Events

  • February 17-Applications due for President/Vice President; Director/Class Representatives applications available
  • February 20-Presidential Debate, Dueble Room
  • February 21-Presidential Election, Great Hall; Dr. Joel Soza/Dr. Sue Nicholson speak about Song of Solomon, Memorial Chapel

Chelsea Weikart is managing/news editor for The Aviso AVW.

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