BREAKING NEWS: Divided vote favors Book, Bonfert in election


Senior bible/theology major Bob Book and junior chemistry major Brandi Bonfert were elected as Student Senate President and Vice President for the 2012-2013 academic year on Tuesday, Feb. 21. The pair, who ran unopposed, prevailed with a 60% majority.

Senior Bible and theology major Bob Book was re-elected president of the student body by a divided electorate on Tuesday, Feb. 21. Book, who ran unopposed with junior chemistry major Brandi Bonfert as a running mate, garnered 60% of the 423 total votes that were cast. 40% of the votes were cast in favor of “Do Not Confirm.”

The polls were open for voting via iPads in the Great Hall until 7pm.  There was no login or sign-up necessary, just a click to approve or disprove.  Different Senate members took shifts sitting at the table throughout the day.

“I think anyone wants to see consistency in voter turn-out and voting favor for yourself,” Book said.

Last year the margins were much different, with Book receiving around a 90% approval rating.

“The votes were different from what they were last year,” he said, “but we take that as an indicator that no matter what the number, people still want me in office and are behind the vision I have for Student Senate.”

Chelsea Weikart is managing/news editor for The Aviso AVW.


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