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It’s that time of the year again. Spring break, graduation and summer vacation are on most of our minds, with what seems like a long three months ahead of us.

Even though this has been one of the mildest winters most of us have ever seen, the three months following Christmas can seem to move at the pace of a snail. So, what can we do to ensure that these months move right along without spending a lot of money?

Finding recipes on Pinterest—which is where the instructions for these Turtle Cheesecake balls are from—is one inexpensive way to have fun. Other options include Movies 10, Laser Quest, and Menchies. (Photo by Emily Geig)

January through April does not really offer a wide range of activities that are “free” due to the ever-changing northeast Ohio weather, but with the right resources, there are cheap and fun activities for you and your friends to do.

#1: Go see a movie

Movies are not necessarily the cheapest thing to do on weekends, but there are always options. Go to Movies 10, the dollar theater (as most of us know it by), buy your candy at Wal-Mart beforehand or simply go to a matinee at Tinseltown. All three of these choices will more than likely be a total of $15 or less.

“I go to the dollar theatre all the time,” freshman middle childhood education major Pattie Rhinehart said.

“The dollar theatre is always a good way to get quality entertainment for a dollar,”  junior communication arts major Brook Pittinger said.

#2: Laser Quest

Who doesn’t like running around in the dark with laser guns? Although it seems a bit juvenile, Laser Quest on Everhard Rd. in North Canton has different packages for different players.

#3: Menchies

Frozen yogurt is the new ice cream. Located in the old Coldstone Creamery building on the Strip in North Canton, Menchies offers eight different flavors of frozen yogurt along with many different types of toppings to meet the needs of anyone.

#4: Grand Slam USA

Grand Slam U.S.A. offers indoor batting cages, volleyball and basketball courts, trampolines and an arcade room. When the weather gets a bit nicer,  McDuffer’s Mini-Golf is behind the building for your enjoyment. Grand Slam USA is located at 5656 Dressler Road in Canton.

#5: The Toys Time Forgot.

Located in historic Canal Fulton, The Toys Time Forgot offers thousands of memorabilia, antique toys, video games and sports cards. Just a short twenty minutes north of Malone, The Toys Time Forgot is a fun way to step into yesteryear. It is located on 137 Cherry Street East, Canal Fulton, OH.

#6: 2nd April Galerie & Studios

Downtown Canton is home to some of the most talented artists. Head out on First Friday to 2nd April Galerie & Studios in to downtown Canton’s Art District. This gallery specializes in displaying the work of local artist’s in a “low-key” quiet environment at 324 Cleveland Ave.

Blue Earth Remembered is one of ten science fiction novels published by Alastair Reynolds, a British writer from South Wales.

Cheap things other students do for fun

Fiddlesticks Billiard Café located on Fulton NW is something to check out. This Billiard Bar offers arcade games, darts, ping pong and Fooseball.

“Fiddlesticks is a great place to play pool and darts,” Pittinger said.

“There are at lots of pool tables, about 17 or 20,” junior liberal arts major Andrew Smith said.

Pittinger also said the place gets pizzas and calzones for a cheap price from a local pizzeria.

Rhinehart said her roommate and some friends will look up recipes on Pinterest (ask a friend who has Pinterest for an invitation) and cook things instead of going out. Then they will watch a movie on Netflix after cooking.

Senior zoo and wildlife biology major Julia Belden said she has a favorite author, Alastair Reynolds, who writes science fiction novels.

“He has a Ph.D. in astronomy, so his novels are pretty technically right,” Belden said.

These activities can be done during the temperate winter or throughout the year. Enjoy!

Emily Geig is a feature co-editor for The Aviso AVW.



Lisa Heath is a feature co-editor for The Aviso AVW

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