Pioneer Focus: Emily Duncan


PEDIGREE: This week’s Pioneer Focus goes to sophomore swimmer Emily Duncan for her efforts this season and her achievements at the Appalachian Conference Championships Feb. 16-18.

At the conference championships meet, Duncan broke two records, both of which she set last season. On day one of the championships, Duncan was able to record a time of 2:18.01 in the 200 individual medley finals.

The time broke the record she set in the event earlier that morning (2:19.41), which broke a record she set as this meet last year. Her 2:18.01 mark set in the finals was good enough to earn her a sixth-place finish overall.

The other record she broke on the final day of the meet was in the finals of the 400 individual medley. In this race she earned a ninth-place finish with a time of 4:58.14. This record time broke the 5:00.64 mark she set last season.

Get to know English major and art minor Emily Duncan …

Sophomore swimmer Emily Duncan races across the C.T. Branin Natatorium pool in the Ohio Independent Championships on Nov. 5. In the 200 individual medley race she finished third overall with a time of 2:26.32. (Photo courtesy of Andy Smith)

Q: Favorite food?

A: Sushi

Q: Love, like or hate Michael Phelps?

A: I like him.

Q: How many gold medals do you think Michael Phelps will win this summer in London?

A: All of them. Actually, I’m kind of hoping for an upset with some new swimmer, simply because that would be dramatic.

Q: Biggest superstition?

A: Knock on wood, always.

Q: Scripted or Reality TV?

A: Scripted TV as long as it is a well written script.

Q: How and who started you swimming?

A: I could swim and not drown when I took swimming lessons, so somehow that led to joining the swim team. And my mom encouraged me to do it.

Q: What is your favorite fast food outlet?

A: Arby’s

Q: What is the best and worst part of college athletics?

A: The best part is being a part of a team. The worst is sacrificing a whole lot of free time.

Q: Facebook or Twitter?

A: Twitter

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: Hopefully in ten years I’ll have books published and will be traveling and/or living in a country that is decidedly Scandinavian.

Chris Sherwood is sports editor for The Aviso AVW.


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