Ice rink dismantled, proves unskatable

This ice rink wasn’t nearly as big of a success for students. It was made for fun activities such as ice skating and hockey but due to unseasonably warm weather it never fully froze.

Due to the uncharacteristically mild winter, the ice rink never froze and was never used for its intended use. On a particularly warm day, Student Development finally called it quits and dismantled the ice rink. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

Vice President for Student Development Dr. Chris Abrams and Student Body President Bob Book thought an ice skating rink would be perfect for students. It provided them with more winter activities then just sledding down the hill.

Abrams said students have brought up making an ice rink before but it was never organized.

“The ice rink didn’t cost the school much money. We chose to build it on the tennis court because it’s not used in the winter and pretty much in the middle of campus,” he said. “I want to put walls up around the rink in future years to make it more of a real ice rink environment” Abrams said.

Student Life

Sophomore communication arts major Charles Fortes knew little about the ice rink because he’s a transfer from California.

“I have never been on an ice rink and never do I plan on it,” Fortis said. “I’m comfortable with my surroundings at home.”

Fortis said Malone should give the ice rink one more attempt since the weather played a huge role in it being unsuccessful.

Book evaluated the situation based on where the money came.

Each group on campus is given funds for their needs every year.

“There was a good five to six thousand dollars left in the account once every group used their money on their needs. So we discussed the situation with the physical plant and others to get the idea of using the money for the ice rink approved,” Book said. “Either way it goes, the money was going to be used toward something else or saved for future uses, so we used it now to attempt to give students more activities on campus.”

Book said he is hoping to try the rink again next year.

Future of the rink

Plans are for the rink to be used for at least ten years and hopefully expanded in the future with walls around the perimeter for broom ball and hockey. Currently the rink is collapsed in storage and plans are to reassemble it next year. There won’t be much money put into it next year because the rink is reusable.

Justin Davis  is a contributing writer for the Aviso AVW.

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