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BLOG: Win a free t-shirt as part of Featured Feedback contest


You will basically be awesome like us. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

From now until the end of March, you can win a free Aviso t-shirt by commenting on stories as part of our Featured Feedback contest. We’ll be selecting the best comment posted between now and March 31. The winning commenter will receive a t-shirt sporting The Aviso AVW’s new logo—a fantastic addition to any wardrobe.

In order to qualify, commenters must (as always) provide a real name and e-mail address. The contest does not apply to Aviso staffers—sorry guys—but other than that, we’re simply going to pick the best comment. The winner will be contacted by e-mail and will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of t-shirt sizes.

Don’t miss your opportunity to score a free shirt! Comment on as many articles as you can to increase your chances of winning. And remember, we’re looking for thoughtful, substantial, possibly even witty comments, so get out there and impress us!

Jesse Peek is editor-in-chief for The Aviso AVW.

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  1. This is a really good idea for people to read the Aviso. If only every news outlet gave away free stuff just for reading/watching their product. You’re the BEST!!


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