Senate Notebook: March 20


Student Concerns

The desire for more student space has been brought up in multiple ways and in multiple meetings. The most recent discussion of this space has centered around a prayer space.  At the Open Forum last October, theology major Avery Linn brought up an issue of couples occupying the Rose Room too often, and a general lack of private prayer space on campus. After research Steven Niszura announced at the March 14 meeting the prayer space could be better organized with a time slot sign up, but not enough people use the prayer room to demand for more much needed space on campus. The Stewart Room will be opened on Sunday nights in response to this interest in more prayer space.

Senate looked into extending Easter break to the Monday after Easter as well for future years due to students having to travel on Easter Sunday. After addressing the issue with Don Tucker, it was announced at the meeting on the March 14 that the schedule is set three to four years in advance and it would be very difficult to have no classes that day. The issue was tabled.


Safe Space announced that they officially have an advisor who is a member of faculty. The constitution committee voted on Monday, March 19, and Senate will vote on whether or not to pass the group on March 21.

The constitution committee will be working with the fishing club in upcoming weeks. The constitution is still in progress.


Senate announced that the tennis courts were damaged by the ice skating rinks over the winter. The refinishing of the tennis courts would mean a relocation of the ice skating rink in future years. Andrew Rearick was assigned to report on the issue at the senate meeting on March 28.

Chelsea Weikart is managing/news editor for the Aviso AVW.

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  1. Actually, Student Senate is not voting on the Safe Space Constitution this evening. The constitution is still being reviewed by the Constitution Committee. I have confirmed this with Ezra Tkach, chair of the committee.


  2. I hope the Senate Notebook is a regular staple in the Aviso. Student Senate offers significant leadership opportunities for students, but not all folks are keenly aware of what Senate’s purpose is and how the group functions. Several key entities function under Senate including Multicultural Services, Spiritual Life, Intramurals, Commuters, SAC and the Administrative arm of Senate.


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