Student photographer receives unexpected award


When junior Bible and theology major Kaitie Fox applied for the Photographer’s Forum Award, she wasn’t expecting to win. One win and a year later she has not only won an award, but an honorable mention this year as well.

“I was surprised. I didn’t expect that at all,” Fox said. “Dr. Dixon pursued it more than I did and he was the first to tell me that I got an honorable mention.”

This is the photograph that made junior Bible and theology major and Aviso photo editor Kaitie Fox a finalist in the 2011 Photographer's Forum Award contest. The photo was originally published in an issue of The Aviso AVW last winter in the wake of a severe ice/snow storm. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

This was Fox’s second time of being one of the finalists.

Fox started doing photography when she was in ninth grade. It might have started as a hobby for Fox but it has now turned into something she loves doing and wants to pursue. For her photography is an art and a way to create lasting memories.

“I have a terrible memory,” Fox said. “Photography is a way for me to visually recollect things that happened, which is what makes journalism fun.”

Photos are part of beauty when it comes to Fox’s philosophy on life.

“If I’m going to remember something, I want to remember it in an aesthetic or pretty way,” Fox said.

Fox submitted a couple of pieces for the Photographers Forum Award this year. Most of the pictures she submitted were Aviso-related. The picture that got honorable mention was a picture from last year that she took during the ice storm that hit the city. The picture was taken outside the barn at one of the benches. She was really happy when that picture won honorable mention.

Her piece can be found at Photographer’s Forum Magazine’s website.

“I hope this award with be able to further my career as a photographer,” Fox said.

Even though photography isn’t her major, Fox will pursue her photography and work on improving and achieving her goals. Some of her pictures can be found on display in the Johnson Center.

“Anyone can be a photographer,” Fox said. “It all starts with the basics.”

Melanie Smith is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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