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Rockin’ without a reason: SAC cancels annual benefit concert


The Student Activity Council (SAC) cancelled the annual Rockin’ for a Reason benefit concert, originally planned for March 31, because no ideas for a recipient of the funds was presented to the council.

SAC was forced to cancel this year's Rockin' for a Reason because they weren't presented with any ideas for who to donate the money to. The benefit concert has been held annually since 2008.

Rockin’ for a Reason has been held every year since 2008 and has been used to raise funds for members of Malone community who are in need. In past years, funds have gone to various people such as alumni Ben Zeigler in 2010. Zeigler used the funds to climb Machu Pichu in order to raise money and awareness for a children sponsorship program, Compassion International.

Every February, as SAC begins to plan its events for the spring semester, the members start asking around for anyone who may be a candidate for the event. While it’s always hard for someone to ask for help, SAC has not had as much difficulty as they had this year finding someone to whom the funds could be donated.

SAC holds many events that raise funds for various organizations and felt that the purpose and uniqueness of Rockin’ for a Reason is found in its singular focus. The event is designated for current students, staff, alumni or families who have a need or a cause to fund.

The co-directors of SAC, junior preprofessional biology major Andrew Rearick and senior computer science major Jeff DeWitt, both agreed that the SAC did everything they could to find a recipient for the event.

“Charity is kind of hard … no one wants to say, ‘Hey, I need money,’” DeWitt said.

Both directors were disappointed that the event had to be cancelled, but hope that students still enjoyed the many other events that were offered this past weekend, such as the campus Easter egg hunt.

No real revisions to the process of finding a cause have been made, though DeWitt did mention possible plans to improve advertising for next year’s search.

Students who are disappointed that this year’s event was cancelled and have nominees for next year’s concert should take their ideas to Rae Showen in the Barn.

Josh Lingenhoel is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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  1. By all means, do let us know of someone in need for us to consider next year. One other variable is that we always consult with the “nominated” recipient to be sure he or she accepts our offer to help. We actually have had students who, despite being very grateful for the offer, have graciously declined.


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