Students gather from across nation for Sigma Zeta conference

Students from as far San Antonio came to Malone University for the annual Sigma Zeta National Convention on March 29-31. The convention featured all student presentations in the areas of math and science and one presentation by a professor at the closing banquet.

A student delivers a presentation at the Sigma Zeta National Convention, which was hosted on campus from March 29-31. The convention spotlighted student-led research in the fields of math and science. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

Sigma Zeta is a national undergraduate honor society to encourage and foster scholarly activity and recognize academic scholarship in the natural and computer sciences and mathematics.  Their yearly conference was hosted this year in Timken Hall.

 “I recommend people come, especially if they are shy, to get ideas for different majors,” Marygrove College junior forensic science major Sara Stephens said.

This was Stephens’ first time attending the convention. She did not make a presentation this year but came to support friends from her school and get some ideas for next year.

 “Connections are always helpful,” Millikin University senior chemistry major Kim Watson said. “Being a part of something bigger is always important.”

Watson said being a senior affected her outlook on the convention because it showed her that conventions like the Sigma Zeta National Convention could open doors to future research opportunities, more schooling or a possible job or internship simply because of networking.

“I am looking forward to networking with other chapters and hearing other peoples’ presentations,” Watson said.

“I am most looking forward to meeting new people and seeing people’s presentations,” Stephens said.

One of the presentations Watson and Stephens had the opportunity to hear was Scott Glasgow’s, a junior biology major from North Canton. Glasgow’s presentation was titled “From Biology to Technical Analysis: Fibonacci Sequencing and the Golden Ratio.”

“It is about the correlation of Fibonacci numbers and the stock market,” Glasgow said.

“The convention shows that we care about math and science programs,” Glasgow said.

The purpose of the convention was to allow students from a variety of colleges an outlet to exchange research and ideas. Several students expressed that learning about the research of other students was their entire reason for attending.

“I hope that students see other college research at the undergraduate level and see how nice Malone is and the attractions in the area,” Associate Professor of Computer Science Dr. James Glasgow said.

Visiting students were given the opportunity to go on field trips in the afternoon on March 30. They could choose from the Great Lakes Science Center, Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

Later that evening there was a dinner held for guests of the conference as well as special guests the Cleveland Clinic and the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) Akron-Canton Chapter, who funded the convention. Guests heard from keynote speaker Dr. Todd Mateer, a professor at Howard Community College.

Beth Kerlin is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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