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BLOG: Veteran staffer turns page on Aviso, Malone


It is so hard to believe that the final week of school has started. Some people still have a year or two left of college, but I only have 11 days. The hardest thing to believe is that I will never go to another college class again, not have college work to finish. This week is it before exams and graduation.

Graduating seniors on The Aviso staff find themselves with only 11 days until graduation. (Photo by Lisa Heath)

When I started on The Aviso as a staff writer, I never imagined that I would have held so many positions on staff: writer, web editor, public relations editor, and feature editor. In short, a little of everything.

Working on the staff has helped me to learn so many valuable skills.

  • note taking
  • interviewing people without being fearful (I used to get dreadfully nervous before an interview)
  • learning how to work well with people
  • working on a deadline
  • writing skills
  • learning to become more extroverted

But the skills I have learned don’t compare to friends that the I have made through working with The Aviso.

The first year I worked on The Aviso (my sophomore year) was the last year for The Aviso in print. As I leave, the paper is exclusively on the web. Both of those experiences have been well worth the effort, tears and lack of sleep.

I can now say I have published work and have been on the staff of an award-winning paper.

Adieu, Aviso.

Lisa Heath is a feature co-editor for The Aviso AVW.


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