Cramped spaces become creative solutions: Contest


It’s a common problem amongst college students—a small amount of space and too much stuff meant for it—and now it is your chance to show your fellow students what you do about this problem!

Living in a dorm can be a real challenge for many. For others, it is an outlet to express creativity. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

Living in a resident hall means many things—learning how to live with a roommate, making new friends, and finding places to store all of your belongings. Dorm rooms are small and most students bring a lot of stuff with them to college.

For those who helped with freshman move-in this year, they saw firsthand the number of belongings students, especially freshmen, bring with them to college.

Peter Simionides, a senior communication arts major, helped move the freshmen into DeVol Hall this year. Besides carrying the standard dorm room necessities—mini fridges, TVs, clothes, and books—Simionides said that the most unique item he moved in was a 30-gallon fish tank.

Senior early childhood education major Amanda Brunner also helped with move-in this year. She helped move freshmen into Woolman, Whittier, and Fox.  Brunner said that she heard of a student bringing a karaoke machine with them this year, although she did not personally move it in.

With such unique items floating around our dorms, it leads one to question—where do students put all their stuff?

Dorm rooms are great places to find creative solutions to the problem of too much stuff and not enough space. They are also great places to find sweet decorations and tricked out rooms.

Resident director of Fox and Whittier Alison Walls said some of the most creative dorm rooms she has seen are where the residents have built their own loft, leaving them all the floor space to use.

A quick walk down the halls of any dorm on campus will reveal rooms that have been inspired by all different muses and have creative layouts.

Heather Cameron, senior nursing major and resident advisor of blossom two south, has a hammock hung beneath her lofted bed.

Other rooms include strobe lights, over stuffed couches, and decorating themes that have been carefully planned out by their inhabitants.

And now Malone, it’s your turn to show campus your awesome room.  If you think your room is one of Malone’s most creative rooms, submit a photo and a short description for why your room is one of the best rooms on campus to aviso@malone.edu. In the subject line, mention the room contest. All entries are due by September 18 at midnight.

Catagories include:

  • Most Homey
  • Most Tricked Out
  • Most Creative Set-Up

Winners will receive prizes as well as have their room featured on the Aviso’s website.

Hannah Finley is the feature editor for The Aviso AVW.

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